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I have a gateway lx6810-01 desktop with vista as an operating

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I have a gateway lx6810-01 desktop with vista as an operating system. It will not boot. I have tried all that I know. I tried to use the system disk and the 2 recovery disks Gateway sent to me. The computer did not recognize the rom drive. It would boot to the C drive. I changed set up to make sure the computer would look at the rom drive when booting. Everything I try takes me to the statement of "repair computer." I have taken that option. I end up with a blank screen even if I leave it or 24 hours. I have tried to go into safe mode and selected F8 for advanced. It appears to load some windows files on the screen but stops and sits idle for an endless amount of time. I am wondering if the hard drive has crashed. This all started when I tried to install my printer software (HP Photosmart c6380 all in one). When the installation got to step 3 at 94%, the computer locked up. I had no choice but to power off and restart. When I did it would not boot. HELP! Don Messinese

Hey don! Thanks for your question! If you start with the first recovery CD from gateway and reboot, is there an option other than "Repair Computer" usually, you will have the option (although I know it depends on the CD's) to "Restore to Factory Defaults" or "Format"...either of these will help...


Since you have tried to get into safe mode and it fails, then there is not much more you can do. One more thing I would try is hitting the F8 key and going into "Last known good configuration"...this will roll the system back before the software load. if that doesn't work, we will have to reformat and restore!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No there aren't any other options. If I could use the restore option I sure would have. It doesn't give me the option to format either. I tried the f8 and tried the last known good configuration and didn't get anywhere. I guess that leaves me with reformating and restore. Where do I go from here? Don Messinese

Yeah, if the last known good doesnt work, that leaves a reformat/restore. However, the gateway CD's should allow the option to do so. What model Gateway? You mentioned it came with a disk and the CD' you have to insert the CD and the diskette to boot to the CD?


Did they send you an Operating Disk CD by itself?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the system and recovery disks I have were sent in the mail to me by Gateway. I don't have a drive to insert any diskette. They did not send or do I have an operating disk. I have never reformated a drive. How do I go about doing so? Don Messinese
to reformat the drive, you would put in the system disk and reboot. it will usually drop you to a C: prompt if it doesn't ask you to reformat automatically. If you get to the C: prompt, you have to type in "Format C:" (without the quotes). It will ask are you sure, that it will erase all data. You press "Y" for Yes and it will erase itself. You then just have to boot with the restore CD's to get your operating system, etc back...
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