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w.olson, Systems Administrator
Category: Computer
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My Lexmark x7675 (connect wirelessly via home network) will

Customer Question

My Lexmark x7675 (connect wirelessly via home network) will not print from my Vista laptop (also wireless). I'm getting an error message that says to enable bidirectional support. I am unable to enable this because the box is unavailable (grey). The printer works with my other networked computers (hardwired). I used to be able to print from this laptop - not sure what changed.   I reinstalled the drivers from the Lexmark disc and from their support site.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  w.olson replied 8 years ago.

Hello, Welcome to!


Please follow these steps and see if it resolves any problems. Reply if you get stuck at any specific point and I'll clairfy or assist you through it.


1) Completely uninstall the printer from this laptop.

2) Restart the computer.

3) Turn off wireless networking on the laptop and connect the laptop to the same network as the printer using a ethernet cable(hardwire).

4) Attempt to install the printer as you would normally(reboot if necessary)

5) Test printing.


If this works, then disconnect the computer from the network(hardwire) and turn your wireless networking back on on the laptop. Attempt to print.


Good Luck, and if you feel I have fully answered your question, please click Accept. Otherwise, if you still need assistance, please simply reply and I'll help however I can.