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Nicholas Ramsay
Nicholas Ramsay, Systems Engineer
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I have a slingbox pro connected to an Apple Airport Extreme

Customer Question

I have a slingbox pro connected to an Apple Airport Extreme router base station, which is connected to a Comcast cable modem. The Airport extreme lost its ability to send wireless signal, so I replaced it with another (new) Airport Extreme base station. I am now unable to get slingbox service on my laptops. When I go through slingbox setup assistant, I get a message that there is no slingbox detected.

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Nicholas Ramsay replied 8 years ago.
Hi thanks for the question!

Can you tell me what ports you have opened on the new router? As well as on the PC you are trying to use to connect to the sling box? IE on the windows firewall?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I opened 5001 ports, and I am using MacBook Pro laptop
Expert:  Nicholas Ramsay replied 8 years ago.
Do you have an Ethernet cord handy? Id like you to directly plug your laptop into the airport access point and try to connect again. This is to rule out any issues with your wireless signal.

The reason I ask is some times you may have interference from a neighboring access point. Also the MTU packet size might be jacked up.

Let me know if the problem persists once you plug it directly to the airport extreme.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Unfortunately, I'm not at home at the moment, and can't access my machine.

Can you give me the next several steps to follow, if the solution you suggested doesn't correct the problem?
Expert:  Nicholas Ramsay replied 8 years ago.
That was not meant to fix the problem only to try to narrow down the problem. But I will do my best.

We need to try to rule out some things in order to find the problem. Once we find the problem we can work on a solution to the problem.

The problem could be your Mac laptop. It could be that your sling box needs a firmware update or it could be that the access point you are using doesn't work very well with the sling box. It may need a firmware update. Or you opened the ports on the wrong IP address. Or you only did TCP and not both TCP and UDP. Or your MTU packet size is set below 1500. You may also be having speed/duplex errors with the access point and your sling box. You can fix that by setting it to 100 full instead of auto negotiate.

It also looks like there are a ton of people that are having the same issue as you are. Most seem to be related to firmware not matching up. So I would o what I suggested and update the firmware on the sling box and your AEBS. Once you have done that and it still doesnt work try this guide out. Some people have mentionted it has helped them as well.

1) Open the Airport Utility (Go-Applications-Utilities, or Spotlight it).

2) Select your Airport Extreme on the left. If you don't see it, plug your computer into the router using a wired cable.

3) Go to 'Manual Setup.' (in the menu, click BASE STATION-MANUAL SETUP, or APPLE-L). Five icons will appear at the top.

4) Click the INTERNET icon.

5) Click the DHCP tab.

6) Set the DHCP range to 192.168.

7) Click the ADVANCED icon.

8) Click the Port Mapping tab.

9) Add a new entry (+ button) with the following options... - Public UDP Port(s): - Public TCP Port(s): 5001 - Private IP Address: <-- YOU NEED TO SET THE SLING TO THIS ADDRESS ON SETUP - Private UDP Port(s): - Private TCP Port(s): 5001 Click Continue. Name the entry 'Slingbox.' Click Done.

10) Click the Update button.

If you are connected to your Extreme wirelessly, you will have to wait for it to restart and your computer to connect back up before you continue. Now all you need to do is setup the Slingbox.

1) Connect an ethernet cable to the Slingbox from the Airport Extreme.

2) Power cycle the Slingbox. I recommend holding down the reset button so you can start fresh. This will force the sling to pull a new IP from the Airport Extreme.

3) Run the Slingbox Setup Assistant.

4) You should see a video feed!

5) Under the ROUTER CONFIGURATION section, make sure you do NOT opt for the automatic UPnP. This crashed the setup app. Choose Manual [advanced].

6) Under the Manual Network Setup... - IP address: - Subnet mask: - Default gateway:

7) Port Setting - Use port number: 5001

8) Copy the SlingID it gives you. Jot it down if you want to connect from a machine outside the network. This should wrap it up. Now you can run the SlingPlayer and add your box using your SlingID.

I hope this helps!

Nicholas Ramsay and 4 other Computer Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

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