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out of focus Acer X223W monitor Can I get a proper Win XP

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out of focus Acer X223W monitor Can I get a proper Win XP driver for it please?
Thanks for asking your question here at

I will need some information on what is happening please (if you haven't posted it already):
Please describe the out-of-focus look in more detail.
How do you know that you need a new driver?
Is it possible that the monitor is defective (whether under warranty or not) instead ?
- A way to tell, obviously, would be to swap the monitor onto another PC system, and see if it is equally "out of focus".
When you right-click on the Desktop background, and select Properties, you should get the Display Properties. What does it show, for the entry under the Settings tab, labeled Screen Resolution? is it set to the end marked Less, or More, or between them?
And when you click the Advanced button, on the General tab of the (Multiple Monitors) settings, what does it show for the DPI setting, please?

I'll await your response about these details of the case.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have a brand new out of the box today X223W.
I have an Acer AL2216W as Primary monitor. I have switch them, I have switched drivers. I have researched problems others have had on the net. As a last resort I have come to you.
I am not a novice here.

I have tried every set of screen res that are avail for this monitor. If in fact this monitor has been shipped to me bad, I will accept that if you can provide me with a proven Win XP driver for this model that works.

I appreciate your efforts. Thanks
It's OK with me if you've got expertise; thanks for letting me know. (And, it will alter my approach.)

Did the people who put the packaging together at Acer have the sense to provide a disk with a driver? (I presume not, or you wouldn't be asking me.)

Acer's USA-region site lists no such model of monitor! so I have to ask, to cover all the bases for myself, Are you in some other region than North America, please?

CNET has a driver for this model listed (if you trust them, and I'm only about 85 % sure about CNET myself) at

Is the white text on black background, distinctly fuzzy-edged when looked at quite closely? (as opposed to being spread out at a large size and thus with less resolution.) If that's how it looks, and if it looks that way even at high resolution settings, then I would say the monitor has an off focus voltage - or other electronic problem.

(Does it have any internal menu? internal settings? if so, does the text of those look more fuzzy than you'd expect [and I'd expect some, for sure, the resolution is always low on those internal menus] ? Since those are internally generated, they are a good way of determining display focus quality independently of computer software or video card performance.)

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'm in Dayton Oh
No, TigerDirect didn't provide a driver
I tried CNET's driver, no joy

The out of focus is actually like a repeated shadow to the right the gets lighter and lighter
Sorry if that description would have been better earlier.

The menu that comes up internally is in perfect focus!

Aha. That is a good description. It sounds like what we call "ghosting" in TVs, which can (or could - it has been awhile since I fixed any TVs) be caused by reflection of signal off of a tall building's side, so that part of the signal arrives a split second later.

In the case of a monitor on a computer, this is called loss of horizontal sync. If the signal cable is detachable, I would say replace that. Or at least check that for signs of damage during shipping... or just a loose connection maybe? If the cable is defective - see if the plug at the end has a bent or defective pin too while you're at it! - that would explain why the internal menu comes up just fine - and also why it doesn't work any differently off any other computer (which I presume you have tried.)

However, there is another thing: the refresh rate. That's among the settings. Have you tried changing that? I doubt it will fix anything, but a try's a try.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi Russell:

You are not going to believe this, but I owe you this explanation and I will acept so you get your payment.

I switched cables with the main display and then made the new monitor the primary monitor and the existing monitor the secondary display. Remember, no new cables no new drivers or any thing!

I let the monitors auto adjust and each are perfectly clear and both fill the screen and are great! Any idea why that is?
Hm. No, I can't read machines at a distance.

It would be nice to be able to.

Are you sure that being made the primary monitor didn't cause Add New Hardware to be stimulated to find a proper driver? (I forgot to ask you if Device Manager showed the "right" entry for the Acer monitor, with model # XXXXX everything... displays can work right nonetheless, but still...)

Also, I was wrong, in my last post, on one point: the vertical refresh rate is the adjustable setting (in Windows.) The smearing you speak of, just a few minutes ago, I saw in a flat panel monitor and corrected by tightening or twiddling with the signal cable where it went into the monitor case. Usually such smearing is the horizontal rate or sync being a little off, and a tech inside the case would adjust the horizontal sweep rate a touch and it'd be OK.
Vertical sync loss would look very different.

Um... unless those are both the same model and maker of monitor, you say you, "switched cables"... that may've had something to do with it too.
But if they're both working now, that's the point. Good.
And, thanks.