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my toshiba laptop wont start. it appears that the battery

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my toshiba laptop won't start. it appears that the battery may not be charging.
Hi !! Please answer all these questions point by point.

When you press the power button to turn it on, do you see any thing on screen, like the toshiba boot up screen or something like that. Or is it completely blank (black color) always.

Can you see a faint image of your desktop (try to see it in dark place with flash light). This is important to confirm.

Also, when you press power button, do you see the LED lights on laptop blinking or solid green (which ones are in blinking/solid) and do hear any sound ? Or do you feel that your laptop doesnt even try to boot.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Good Morning. I do not see anything on the laptop screen. It appears that the power starts to go in and stops. Yet, the battery is not taking over either. I am wondering whether it is the battery OR that the power is not charging the battery pack and that there is something wrong with the power cord connection.
Hey there !!

I got your point. But it will be very helpful if you can answer my above questions point by point. Diagnosis u see !!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
OOPS! Sorry, I missed that. The lights at the bottom right corner do not hold the light at all. When I press the power button, I see a brief blue light on the power button itself as well as the bottom left corner. In addition, no sounds.

Hey Chris ...

So, does the power LED stay On ... or does it go off after some time ...

And no other LEDs glow at all ? .. like battery and HDD led.

Did this problem happened suddenly ... or after some eventful day :-)

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
None of the lighting stays on. No other lights come on and according to my daughter, it was working fine last evening. We did have an instance about a month ago where it appeared that this was happening, but once I moved the plug, it appeared to connect and there were no further instances.
Well in that case the first thing I would suspect is the Power cord. Because if none of LED is coming on, there is no power reaching the laptop. Use a multimeter to check output of the power adapter.

But, there is also possible that the power plug's female plug in laptop is broken. As you said you moved the plug and it worked. Now, this female plug is soldered on motherboard so you will need professional help. You can try to inspect the plug from outside.

If above 2 things solve you r problem you are lucky.

Lets try this one more thing :

Please do the following carefully:
1. Unplug your laptop.
2. Remove the battery from the laptop.
3. Wait 2-3 minutes
4. Now press ON (power button on laptop) for 1 minute
5. Then release the finger and wait one more minute.
6. Now plug in the power cable (dont insert battery yet) and press ON button.
7. Did your screen start working now ? (do you see windows loading)

Let me know how it goes.



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ok, so the battery light is flashing yellow, the blue light on the power button as well as the blue light on the bottom left of the screen does not hold the light consistently.
You mean these things changed from before ?

Now, battery light is flashing (prior it will OFF)
power light still turns on and goes OFF

and i correct