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Austin Atkins
Austin Atkins, A+ Certified IT Pro
Category: Computer
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Experience:  A+ Certifed Technician 5 years, IC3 Certifed 6 years
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how do you unlock dell computer has a adminstrator passwor

Customer Question

how do you unlock dell computer has a adminstrator password
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Austin Atkins replied 8 years ago.

Bios passwords can either prevent the user from accessing the bios or from using the computer. Either way, resetting it can be challenging if it is a laptop (unless bios reset software is used). If you have a desktop, resetting the password XXXXX XXXXX Shut down the computer, unplug it from the wall and remove the cover. You will see a big round 3V lithium battery (looks like a large watch battery). Simply remove this for 30 seconds (this is overkill) and place it back in. This will cause the bios to lose its settings and go back to the factory default.

This is more difficult with a laptop as access to the bios chip is much harder. If you can boot the system there are programs than can reveal the password, allowing you to gain access to the bios to reset it. There are also backdoor passwords, check out the following site for more information.

I hope this helps. Please accept my answer if I have helped you well. Thank you.