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my computer will not recognize blank dvd media. it says it

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my computer will not recognize blank dvd media. it says it is a full cd when i insert. i have tried romoving upper and lower filters. switched out dvd burners and reinstalled xp with all updates. still have the problem. it will play dvd's, cd's and burn cd'sbut will not do dvd's
Good Day,

I have a few questions to ensure I have all the information?

  1. What Type of DVD are you trying to burn to DVD-R or DVD+R?
  2. Have you tried the other standard? If you are Using DVD-R, have you tried DVD+R?
  3. Have you ever been able to burn DVD's?
  4. What software are you using to burn your DVD's?
  5. Do you know the make and model of the Drive?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

dvd+ rw i have used +r as well

yes i have burned many dv'ds

software is 123 copy dvd 08 gold

im using hpdvd640 or a memorex burner dont know the model

Many DVD's with this computer and setup?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.



Have you tried a DVD from a different source or spindle?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yes i have tried 3 different brandes
Do you have Nero Installed?

When did this start happening?

Have you tried a System Restore, back to when it was working?

Also, Please verify the model by:

  1. Right-click My Computer and click Properties.
  2. Click the Hardware tab.
  3. Click Device Manager.
  4. Double-click CD-ROM.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

no i dont have nero

after i unstalled a roxio program i dont remember the title of the program

i did a complete reinstall of xp from scratch

all patches and updates and service packs


hp dvd writer 640c


memorex dvd+/-rw dual-1x

I have seen where this has occurred after installing IE7; or by a firmware issues, but by what your question has stated you tried another drive, so I cannot be the firmware on the drive.

If you have IE7 installed, please try uninstalling (Instructions Here) and resorting back to IE6 that originally came with XP, shutdown and restart, check the drive.

**Note - Uninstalling IE7 automatically restore IE6.

If you are still not able view the disk as blank media, try removing the device from the device manager and reinstall the drive by clicking Scan for hardware changes. More detailed instructions below.

  1. Right-click My Computer and click Properties.
  2. Click the Hardware tab.
  3. Click Device Manager.
  4. Click + to expand the DVD/CDROM
  5. Right-Click the memorex dvd+/-rw dual-1x
  6. Select Uninstall. (You may be required to Restart the Computer)
  7. Once Uninstall is complete, Right-click Computer Name on the top of the device list.
  8. Select Scan for hardware changes. (You may have to Restart Computer)
Once this is complete, check the drive again.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i uninstalled ie7 and uninstalled the burner -reinstalled the burner and still have the problem. when i insert blank dvd+rw into the dvd-rw drive it changes to an cd-drive and when i attempt to open it says not acessible incorrect function. when i hit properties it shows a full cd (raw) 100%used space. i tried dvd-r and have the same problem?

Does the DVD/CD Rom, show the same information as before under Device manager?


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Alright, I'm going to restate everything that you/I have tried


  1. You have swapped out drives.
  2. You have Re-installed Windows, Internet Explorer 6 and Burning Software.
  3. We have verified the Drive is showing correctly in Device Manager
  4. You were able to burn DVD's before.

Are those statements correct?


Your one reply, now says DVD-RW, have you formatted this disk? I was under the impression you were using DVD+r.


If these statements are correct, we must start looking at hardware.


Are you comfortable with opening your desktop?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

the statemenst are correct

i have tried today dvd+rw media and dvd-r media i also tried to play a movie which it did


when i insert the blank media it is as if the computer changes the type of drive i have if that makes sense.


yes im ok with opening up the computer i built it

First Off, lets start by reseting the bios to defaults.


If you have your boot drive set up differently than the default, please ensure you setup to boot correctly.


Please let me know, if you need step by step instructions, further on. I will include warnings and details. But if your comfortable with statements, then I will save you time by not including them. If there is anything you need further explantion about, please ask.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

i have an asus motherboard which uses smart bios settings so im not sure about default i have never had to change the bios setup

so i asume the setup is at default

Would you happen to have another PC, or access to another PC, that you can test the drive?


Also, what is the model of Asus board do you have?





Customer: replied 8 years ago.

no i do not have a pc i can test the drive on however i have tried 3 different burners on this machine and had the same trouble so i asume all the burners cannot be bad so it has to be the machine it self


asus p4p800 deluxe mother board

I do agree with you. And nice board choice - I had that board. Sorry for the lengthy in time and response - I was gather as much info together as I could.


If all these, do not produce the correct functionality, I would be confident there is an issue with a specific piece of hardware.


I am not saying your Motherboard needs a replacement, but I would recommend bring the desktop to a certified service technician that will have the spare parts such as CPU/Memory to be able to test.


The directions below include updating firmware, bios update, and troubleshooting of physical hardware.


Doing such updates, as the manufacturer will display on their website, can cause system/device failure.


If you are not comfortable with completing these steps; you should bring the desktop into a certified technician.


Here are the possible issues:


CD-ROM Firmware Issue:


Replace firmware -

  1. Goto HP Site
  2. Select Your Drive
  3. Follow the instructions provided by HP.



Cable Issue:


  1. Please ensure IDE cables are secure.
  2. Verify there are not visible wire showing.
  3. Try another cable.


Controller Issue:


You can try moving IDE channels. Meaning: If you have both the Hard drive and CD-Rom on IDE1 separate the two, IDE1 to Hard Drive & IDE 2 to CDROM.


BIOS Issue:

Check and Update BIOS if needed (You should have recieve a CD with Asus EZ Flash, install and run, this will auto install the newest BIOS, follow on screen instructions).


*****************Manual Bios update *****************

  1. LINK - socket478 - P4P-800 Deluxe
  2. Select Windows XP Operating System
  3. Select BIOS
  4. Download Most recent BIOS


Download Update Utility


  1. Same page, Select Bios Utilities:
  2. Download most up-date-version.
  3. You will need to create a windows boot disk (provided you have a floppy drive) other wise you may create a bootable usb key if you have one, and copy both the flash utility and new bios on the boot disk.


If you are not sure how to create the disk - Click Here for more information




Customer: replied 8 years ago.

ok i have the most up to date firmware

i have already replaced the cables

i have tried the ide channels as sugested

i have the most up to date bios.

im at a total lose as to what could be the problem i dont know how uninstalling a program could effect the motherboard. it just doesn't make sence to me


i know you have put a lot of time in to this for me and i apreciate it. i just hope we can solve the problem

The last thing that I can suggest to pin down the issue is to:


  1. Re-Install XP, as you said you have done before trying to troubleshoot this issue yourself.
  2. But, do not do any updates to the computer, just put a blank DVD+/-R Disk in the drive.
  3. Either it will read blank, meaning software or update issue. Otherwise, we come back to a hardware issue.

In the case where the drive appears to work, start putting updates on slowly, and test after to determine which update.


If you have already tried this or the drive still appears to not be able to read the blank disk, then I would suggest that you bring you computer to a certified technician, as they should have the tools and parts to be able to determine the cause.



Triv and 3 other Computer Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
just wanted to tell you that nothing has corrected the problem so i guess i have to take it to a computer repair store. thanks for you help even though it could not fix the problem. because of the time you spent on the problem i accepted your answer . thanks agian for you attempt at fixing it