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Every time i try to open my emails i get a blank page. Just

Customer Question

Every time i try to open my emails i get a blank page. Just now i saw a very brief flash that said foxfire has refused to open this email. I have been having this problem for weeks and had no idea until now that it may be foxfire and not the gazillion other reasons i have tried to ferret out. My provider is I get to the message center and can see the emails lined up waiting for me, but i cannot open one.   I also cannot get Google email (gmail) to open. I have called the netzero help but they could not help and i am stymied but for this brief flash that it may be foxfire denying me access. I am disabled and homebound and email is my access to communications with merchants, banking, etc. HELP!
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Bryan replied 8 years ago.

Please try accessing your emails in Internet Explorer and see if the issue persists that way as well, and get back to me so that I can follow up further.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ok, i am glad i got back to you.
I tried to get into Internet Expxlorer but could not access it. It jams up and i had a technician over here who could not figure it out so i started using foxfire.
Recently there have been 3 incidents which may have had an impact.
1. I downloaded Adobe Acrobat 9 which semed required to download some material i needed .
2. Netzero sent me a cd to upload Norton Internet Security, telling me i might not be protected. I suspected that it may have done something to affect my ssystem somehow, as the problem with email began about that time, about 4 weeks ago. I have been told that sometimes it can rearrange things which causes problems.
3.Netzero made some changes to their email, which is what i was using. I was unable to open any email then. THe Troubleshoot for their email said if i was havaing a problem opening emails, getting a blank page every attempt, to try a couple of things, which i did, but couldn't make anything happen. The weird thing is that i cannot use the google email (gmail) either. I click on a message in either of the email centers and get a blank page and it says "DONE" on the bar just above the START bar.
I spent over 2 hrs online with netzero and the tech was in INdia and could not help. Their answer was to have me pay $79 for more thorough tech assistance.
This i cannot afford and although they assured me they would solve the problem, it has not been my experience and i just can't throw $79 to the wind. The technician kept telling me to unplug the modem. Now i CAN get onto the internet, so it doesn't make sense that it is the modem. PLus i am handicapped and cannot get to the modem without extreme difficulty. I managed to do it once but the tech kept telling me to unplug it again and agian. I have talked and talked to people trying to figure it out. I have heard everything from "it's a virus" to you need to wipe the computer. Norton does not detect anything amiss like a virus.
I have wondered if reinstalling the netzero DSL would fix it. I do not know if that would wipe everything. I have a lot of documents i cannot lose and am not sure if it will all fit on a disk or how to do it on multiple disks.
Also sometimes the left click on the mouse loses its pizazz and gives only a faint click and will not open sometimes. I have cleaned it.
So there you have it. I hope you can figure it out. If we talked on the phone could you guide me through the syustem to find out what is going on? Is there aanadditional charge? AS i mentioned, i am on a very low fixed income and homebound with disability so i depend on my computer for a lot.
It is a DEll with 60GB and i had the memory increased with a card, 76mg i think.
Other than that i do not know enough to go into the system to see if something has changed as far as emails. the fact that it affects ALL emails systems is a puzzle.
I do hope you can help! Thanks
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Mercy, i have not received an answer although the screen tells me i have. The only answer i got was one that did not work. I thought it had to have helped to be accepted. ??
Expert:  Bryan replied 8 years ago.
First off, my apologies for not getting back to you earlier ..I was off the whole time; since you have accepted my answer already, you needn't accept any further answers ..I'll continue to follow up until we resolve this issue.

As for your issue, let's try some troubleshooting steps to correct the same, as follows:
1) Open Firefox, and navigate to Tools > Clear Private Data...
2) In the window that comes up, make sure that 'Cookies' and 'Cache' are selected among the others, then click on the 'Clear Private Data Now' button.
3) Now, try to access your emails and see if you still get a blank page. If the issue persists, please get back to me so that I can follow up further.