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I keep receiving an Adobe Flash Player wants to install, .

Customer Question

I keep receiving an Adobe Flash Player wants to install, ...
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  b.mavis replied 8 years ago.
It is safe to install Flash Player. Many websites require it to view different things on their page. You can get the latest version here:

It will ask you if you want to install a toolbar and maybe a few other things, just uncheck those boxes and only install flash player.

Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Sorry, let me make it clearer, I install Adobe Flash and it works while I have the computer on. But as soon as I turn computer on (or within a few days) I have to re-install Adobe. How can I make the install last?

Expert:  b.mavis replied 8 years ago.
First make sure flash player addons are enabled

1. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Manage Add-Ons.
2.Select Add-ons that have been used by internet explorer in the top "Show" drop-down menu
3.Please check whether "Shockwave active-x control" and "Shock-wave flash Object" is disabled.
4.If it is disabled, please click on the item and in the bottom "Settings" choose enable.
5. Repeat this for both "Shockwave active-x control" and "Shock-wave flash Object"

If this doesn't work try unistalling and reinstalling

Due to recent enhancements to the Adobe Flash Player installers, you can now remove the player only by using the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller. To remove Flash Player, download and run the appropriate uninstaller for your system using the steps below.
1. Download the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller for Windows(140 KB):
Download Free Adobe Flash Uninstaller for Windows
Note: If you have a Windows Flash Player uninstaller downloaded prior to July 10, 2007 on your desktop, then please delete it and download the latest version.
2. Save the file to your system, choosing a location (for example, your desktop)
3. Quit ALL running applications, including all Internet Explorer or other browser windows, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, or other Messengers. Check the Windows system tray carefully to make certain no applications which might possibly use Flash Player are still in memory.
4. Run the uninstaller. This will remove Adobe Flash Player from all browsers on the system.
Reinstall Flash Player:
1.You may download the latest free Adobe Flash Player at the following link:
Download Free Adobe Flash Player
2.After installing please close and re-open your browser window.
3.Check whether you have the add-ons enabled as described above.

One other thing to check is are you installing flash with an account that has administrator rights.

If all this fails, Adobe offers free email support of Flash Player installation problems at the following Adobe web site:

Free email-based installation issues support for the Flash Player:

Good luck
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I did all you said, and I still get the same problem
Expert:  b.mavis replied 8 years ago.
Ok, I'm going to opt-out so somebody else can take a look. Thanks.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.