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w.olson, Systems Administrator
Category: Computer
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I own a Dell Inspiron 5150 and have had power/charging issues

Customer Question

I own a Dell Inspiron 5150 and have had power/charging issues for about eight months now. Replaced the power port on the mother board when the first problem showed up and that fixed it for a long time. Recently I am having more problems; it started with short battery life and had to position the power cord just so to make contact it seems. So I purchased a new 12 cell (good) battery, not a Dell though. That fixed the battery life issue for a very short time then it stopped charging completely. I installed another new port on the mother board but, still no charge or power. Bought a new Dell charger but it does the same thing the old one does, all three lights on the front of the computer flash briefly and that’s it! Battery won’t charge and computer won’ run on the power adapter. Swapped batteries but that didn’t resolve anything. Does anybody have any suggestions?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  w.olson replied 8 years ago.

Did you try running it without the battery attached and just on the power adapter, that part wasn't clear.. If so, and it's still a no-go then...


If it's not the battery, or the charger, or the connection between the motherboard and the charger... That leaves the charging/power circuit on the motherboard, and if that isn't a seperate unit from the motherboard then it's time to buy a new motherboard or a new laptop. It sounds like you've replaced just about everything that is easily replaced.


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