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Where are facebook chat messages stored on my computer I know

Customer Question

Where are facebook chat messages stored on my computer? I know that they are. Also other private messages like MSN, etc?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Russell H. replied 8 years ago.
Hi - thanks for contacting JustAnswer with your question.

(Cookies are not likely to hold much information, since the size of a website cookie is often limited to 4096 bytes only... in Internet Explorer at least.)

Firefox, like other browsers, has a location on disk in which it keeps its working files or disk cache, used to dump memory data to disk temporarily.
Try entering the phrase,
in your browser's address bar. It bring up a page including a specification of where Firefox caches data. If chat information is cached (assuming you are viewing chat in your Firefox browser), then that's where you look.
(If looking through C: drive, of course remember that settings in Control Panel - Folder Options - View tab (specif. the Hidden Files And Folders choice and the Hide Protected Operating System Files checkbox) can affect what files you can see in Windows Explorer or My Computer. The Hidden Files And Folders is set by default to Do Not Show, so be sure to check that setting.)

If you can't find Facebook or other chat stuff in the about:cache listed directory, it could be on the remote server. Good luck! and feedback is always of interest.