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Im in Word 2003. How do I crop a picture (from clipart) by

Resolved Question:

I'm in Word 2003. How do I crop a picture (from clipart) by a certain percentage, from the bottom, without using a dialog box? THANKS!
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  digithead replied 8 years ago.


Insert the picture in your word doc.


Click at top VIEW ->TOOLBARS, make sure PICTURE is checked, if not, check it.


Now click and SELECT the picture you need to crop


Now on the new TOOLBAR (picture toolbar) there is a CROP icon, hard to decribe but if you put mouse over every one, it will show hover help of CROP. Its like two right angle symbols back to back making a square.


You select that icon (Crop) tool and go to picture and highlight your area. ITS NOT INUITIVE TO ME! You actually will have mouse icon change to crop icon. Now you go and select corners and "move them" to new spot, effectively cropping.


PS. I went to Microsoft and found this which has nice picture of that CROP icon!




Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for your reply, but I have to be able to crop the picture by a certain percentage, like 2%. When I use the crop icon I don't see any percentage sign, do you?
Expert:  digithead replied 8 years ago.

Sorry about that. you mean literally a "percentage". Thats actually like resizing as opposed to a crop. Just for clarity, if you resized 98%, the whole picture would be there, just 98% of the original size. If you cropped, the ORIGINAL would not be there, only 98% of and some trimmed off. No, the cropper tool is cropping. When you grab edge and "resize" to smaller (98%) or larger (110%) its a dragging move. So you dont see a prompt for like SCALE: XX percentage.


You need to use a PHOTO editing tool for that. And you dont have to go nuts like PHOTOSHOP etc for elaborate editing. THere are many freeware ones out there or you can get and use MS-PHOTO EDITOR (yes, its old fashioned and simple, but I like it!)


MS Photo Editor only came with certain versions of MS OFFICE. Click Start Programs and look for Microsoft Photo Editor. Otherwise you can GOOGLE for it, or else GOOGLE for "free photo editing tools" etc. Tons out there.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Sorry, but this is something I have to do in Word. It is for a pre-employment test in Word.

The question is "Take this clipart and crop it 5% from the bottom. You cannot use a dialog box."

I figure there's some way to get the crop tool to show percentages, or I have to figure out how to do it with Visual Basic.

Expert:  digithead replied 8 years ago.

GOT IT ! At least in Word 2000!


Select the picture.


Top menu click FORMAT then come down to PICTURE (may have to expand your list down if you dont see PICTURE)


That will give you a menu with options. You will see CROP from Top. Bottom, Left and right and can do each individually.!


Hope this does it, please CLICK ACCEPT if this works.





Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Unfortunately, that gives me a dialog box, which is disabled for this test.

This is a Beast of a test.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Here is a macro to crop by .5". Can you tell me what I really need to memorize for the test, what I can delete from the code below? Then I can get you paid. THANKS!

Sub Macro3()
' Macro3 Macro
' Macro recorded 11/5/2008 by xyz
    Selection.InlineShapes(1).Fill.Visible = msoFalse
    Selection.InlineShapes(1).Fill.Transparency = 0#
    Selection.InlineShapes(1).Line.Weight = 0.75
    Selection.InlineShapes(1).Line.Transparency = 0#
    Selection.InlineShapes(1).Line.Visible = msoFalse
    Selection.InlineShapes(1).LockAspectRatio = msoTrue
    Selection.InlineShapes(1).Height = 144#
    Selection.InlineShapes(1).Width = 137.5
    Selection.InlineShapes(1).PictureFormat.Brightness = 0.5
    Selection.InlineShapes(1).PictureFormat.Contrast = 0.5
    Selection.InlineShapes(1).PictureFormat.ColorType = msoPictureAutomatic
    Selection.InlineShapes(1).PictureFormat.CropLeft = 0#
    Selection.InlineShapes(1).PictureFormat.CropRight = 0#
    Selection.InlineShapes(1).PictureFormat.CropTop = 0#
    Selection.InlineShapes(1).PictureFormat.CropBottom = 36#
End Sub
Expert:  digithead replied 8 years ago.


I believe the lines with 0# 's wont be needed. IF you still have that recorded, just edit it and remove those 4 lines and rerun to see if it still functions properly.


IF you are trying to "memorize" this, then you can do this. Remove 1 line at a time and retest to see how far down you can strip it. You will need the .CROPBOTTOM obviously! Good luck with that!

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