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Steven, Computer Hardware Engineer
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My computer has suddenly decided it wont let me sign in to

Customer Question

My computer has suddenly decided it wont let me sign in to access my e-mails! Keeps saying page unavailable. Been like this for a week and have also discovered that it wont let me do anything which I need to sign in or log in for. Internet working fine but as soon as I need to sign in for anything comes up page unavailable. this is happening with everything me and my children have used before: M.S.N, Facebook, Parentpay, catalogue accounts, e-mails etc. Please help!!
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Steven replied 8 years ago.



I can clearly see your frustrated, lets see if we can fix your problem.


When did this problem first occur, was it out of the blue? or did you make a change on your system?


I agree that it is some sort of security problem, which anti virus software do you use and firewall?


If you can tell me this it might give some direction as to where to go from here.


You can also try to disable your anti-virus and firewall see if it makes any difference


Kind regards





Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It did just happen out of the blue. Was working fine thursday evening last week but not on the friday and hasn't since. Haven't done anything to the system. Not really sure about anti virus or firewall. Know we have anti virus installed, have broadband from talktalk and as far as I know it's part of their package. Don't know about disabling anything worried about trying to do something I know nothing about! Would it be best to get somebody to come and look at it? Sorry don't think I am being very helpful!
Expert:  Steven replied 8 years ago.

Don't worry, there are a few things we can try if you like, nothing will be irreversable and I'll put it in terms that are easily understandable.

As long as you are happy doing so ofcourse.

Let me know if you want assistance.

Kind regards

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'll give it a go thanks.
Expert:  Steven replied 8 years ago.

Hi matty,


On your computer go to http://www, and download the program, its freeware and will fix any damage to your registry itll also clean up unwanted files.


Do you have a firewall installed also?


Let me know



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Just tried your suggestion and after scanning found 1,400+ faults! Repaired the ones it would allow without registering need to register properly to do others but to be honest didn't understand anything on the list of faults it showed. You are being very patient and helpful but really feel out of my depth here!
Expert:  Steven replied 8 years ago.
Hello Matt,

I do understand your frustration, believe me... once upon a time I was just as worried of doing something and breaking my pc as you.

What I'll do as I can tell you a bit worried is give you a step by step guide as of what to do now, and trust me you will not break anything :)

To start off, go to this webpage and download the link at the top right hand side of the screen it is called download latest version.

This is what you are after, install te program to your pc ( i dont know what happened to the program you downloaded, you should not have to pay for anything)

Whilst installing accept any overwiritng, this is basically going over the old install, you will then come to a screen called install options, untick the following:
add desktop shortcut
add start menu shortcuts
add ccleaner yahoo tool bar.
The simply click install.

Once installed go to start --> my computer --> c:/ drive --> program files --> ccleaner
and run the ccleaner application.

Once you have opened the application you will be met with a grey box, the windows tab will already be selected, just make sure all the ticks in the left hand side are ticked, a box will appear on some of the boxes you tick, just click ok to them all.

Then click analyze, what this does is look allover your pc and disk drives etc for any unusual or dodgey files.
It can also take a while depending on how long you have had windows installed, this is because windows stores a lot of data over time, like cookies, your internet history and other bits and pieces, you can also run this program once every few months just to keep your computer healthy.
Once this has completed it will shows you all the unnessessary files, you dont need to bother looking at these as you wont understand them.
The simply click run cleaner, you will have to press ok immeadiatley after to another grey box, just to confirm.
Once this is done then click the tab next to windows, it is called applications.And again make sure all the tick boxes are ticked.
The same again, analyze and then run cleaner.
Finally when this is done, on the far left hand side of the box on the screen click on the registry tab, and then scan for issues, once this has finished click fix selected issues, you will get a few more boxes here, click no to the first and then fix all issues in the second.
Ccleaner will then have completed all tasks.

Now try and access you emails etc, if it doesn't work I want to try one more thing.

Don't worry about taking all the time you need and I'll be here should you get stuck, need assurance or anything else.

Kind regards


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi there! Sorry been so long in letting you know how I got on but been really busy with work this week. I tried your last suggestion but not very successfully! Did ok up to the analysis bit! Started it at 4.30 but had to go out at 5.15 and it was still analysing so left it and the instructions with my son who is far more technical than me! When I got back at 8.15 it was still going!! When I clicked cancel it said analysis incomplete and if I clicked run cleaner it warned it would delete files. The computer is actually in my room so put it back to analyse and when I woke at 3.30a.m it was still analysing!! And as before every time I clicked cancel it said analysis incomplete. I'm afraid I had to cross out of the boxes and leave it as I couldn't just leave the computer on indefinitely. I have also now got a box comes up on my start page from the first thing I tried warning my computer has however many faults with a list of things and numbers. Not sure what all the faults are as the computer was working fine apart from not allowing me to log on or sign in to anything. I think I will have to admit defeat.