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Convenience and quality of output are important. Explain what

Customer Question

Convenience and quality of output are important. Explain what method of output at what recommended quality would be best for each of the following situations and explain why: Hand held computer, Resume, Financial report,Color photograph,Internal memorandum,Company annual report,Smart Phone & Statistical report. I need 2 references for each.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Computer_James replied 8 years ago.


Hand Held Computer/Smart Phone - Such as other names may describe it as PDA or a Blackberry it has revolutionized the mobile world. These devices provide email capability, spreadsheet viewing, document creation, stock trading and other uses as well as a phone. These devices as well are very good at producing high quality screen quality but in a miniature hardware footprint. These are good for quick tasks for receiving small amount of output information but can become tedious to read massive amounts of information on. These can offer almost any form of electronic screen output you can think of but the ease of reading and navigating still makes it best for small amounts of information to be shown. Some computers now are so small that they can be easily transported around such as laptops and mini-laptops and tablet PC's, in which give the larger screen and processing ability for output but at a cost of weight and having to transport this around. In either case the output device is only as good as its battery life since if it is not powerful enough to keep a charge and stay mobile for periods of time it becomes more of a hassle in which becomes less used. These devices in all of there forms still currently lead the mobile revolution in its ever changing forms.


Resume - In the past it was always recommend to produce these on high quality 100% cotton paper to shown the amount of importance behind a heavy card stock. This is the case still for some but the electronic age of posting resumes online have changed this age old process. Now the preferred process of submitting resumes to corporations recommended are producing these electronically and then either emailing these to the designated party or posting them in a job site or company website to be reviewed later. This helps in the efficiency of keeping all of the resumes in one centralized location for review and for ease of reading in the same format. Some still require paper based resumes to be mailed in but these are becoming fewer in numbers each year.


Financial Report - As with the importance these carry they can come it both forms out output which are electronically and paper based. Since this is sent out to so many people it would be not be cost effective to print these out to all and mailed to everyone. It would not be feasible to do so but posting these electronically gives the ability to produce this output to be seen to more people within a faster period of time. This can be sent to millions through email or company website postings giving all the ability of all to read when released compared to waiting for a copy. Now depending on the situation this is true but if giving a presentation for future investors or business clients you do not want to have them to read it off of a website if you are speaking to them in person.





Annual Report/Statistical Report - Annual reports and Statistical reports are going to contain past and present information in which will need to be shown as well in which the best form of output for these would both be PowerPoint presentations or poster board. Since these reports are designed to be visual to show importance in the areas needed. These will not be posted out or given before there designated time and most of the time there is explanation needed to be accompanied with these. The physical or presentation output is best followed up with a human touch in which can explain the portion when questioning arises and importance can be dwelled upon. These can also be emailed out but since much explanation is needed it is best to give this out to the masses.


Internal Memorandum - Since these are for internal use only these most only be outputted through ways of company email and the possible posting of internal bulletin boards. Although it is impossible to keep users form forwarding or revealing this information outside of the company it still must come only from secured means. Also this could be posted on an internal website that cannot be copied or accessed from the outside world to provide a secure output to limit changes of getting out of the company.


Color Photograph - Depending on the photo quality the best pictures are still taken by film based cameras and developed on photo paper since the color is hard to match. This of course is not changing since the output from some digital cameras rival the color and detail of current film base cameras. These pictures can also be cheaply reproduced on photo quality paper and inexpensive inkjet printers. Since the cost versus a film based camera to an expensive digital camera in quality is still there are many who sacrifice this by using inexpensive digital cameras in which cost effective photos can be made and duplicated and manipulated at the user's fingertips.


Please let me know if this is sufficent. Thanks

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