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how do i plug my speakers in

Resolved Question:

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Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Rita replied 8 years ago.

HiCustomer Thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer. The other Experts and I are working on your answer. By the way, it would help us to know:

-What is the make and model of your computer?
-Is this a desktop or a laptop?
-What kind of speakers do you have?

Thank you again for trusting us with your problem. Please reply as soon as possible so that we can finish answering your question.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
desk top t3410 diamond audio tech emc2.0-usb
Expert:  Rita replied 8 years ago.


On a PC running Windows, look for a narrow, metal plate with several small, open connectors (holes) in it. This is the sound card. One of the holes will most likely be labeled Audio, Audio Out, Speaker, Speaker In, or a similar term that indicates the connection provides sound to the external speakers. On older PCs, the hole may simply be labeled Line Out. On current models, the connection is often labeled with a small icon that looks like sound waves emanating from a tiny speaker.


When you've found the proper connection, plug the metal pin on the end of the speaker cord into it, making sure it goes in all the way. Press firmly, but don't force anything where it doesn't want to go.


Double-check the volume knob to make sure it's turned all the way down. Now plug in the speaker power cord if applicable, and press the power button to turn on the speakers. Once that's done, turn up the volume slightly.

Next, turn your computer on, and you should hear a tone through the speakers as it starts up. If you don't, there's a good chance you need to adjust the sound volume on the computer itself. Check out Adjust The Sound on Your Computer to find out how.


Hope this helps,





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