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adobe updater slows my system down to a crawl with 99 to ...

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adobe updater slows my system down to a crawl with 99 to 100% of resources going there. When opening adobe to read pdf document,that starts updater and there goes computer, have to restart to do ANYthing. How do I stop this from a command prompt or something that doesn't involve opening adobe? Thanks


Thank you for asking your question on Just Answer,

Lets try the following and see if this will help to disable the autoupdater issue for you,

Go to start - run - type in msconfig - hit enter - in the window that opens up go under the startup tab - uncheck everything in here except for your antivirus software - then click on ok - you will receive a prompt that you need to restart your machine - go ahead and do this - when windows comes back up you will see a message that you have made system configuration changes to your machine just put a checkmark in the box and click on ok.

Now lets try opening Adobe again and see if the autoupdater starts up and if your machine runs successfully now.

Hope this helps,



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Rita's Post: UN check everything except antivirus in the start menu?? CLI start,SYS tray, ctfmon,jusched (things on the startup screen I don't know what they are for but just to make sure I don't screw up the machine un check everything? Then after I do this and start up adobe again. Will I be able to view the screen and make sense of it to run adobe updater .exe,wait for updates so that I can uncheck the autoupdate check box? Will I then go into msconfig and recheck everything I just unchecked to get it going again? A VERY nervous operator here. Can do Fire & Rescue, no problems, computer stuff ?????

Yes uncheck everything listed here except for your antivirus,

Unchecking these will not screw up your machine, this just prevents these programs from starting up automatically when windows boots.

Yes once you reboot, try to open up adobe again and run the updater so you can go into preferences and uncheck the setting in there.

Once you disable the updater, no you will not need to go back into msconfig, as all these programs do not need to start up automatically when your system boots up when they do this they slow down your pc and take up resources such as memory. You will still be able to run any of these programs by going to start - programs and clicking on them.

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