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How can I print multiple excel files at one time

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I have about 50 excel files under the same folder name which I would like to print all at once - this would avoid the time consuming task of having to open each file individually to print

hello, Joanna,

Using your Windows Explorer (right-click on Start and select "Explore"), select all the workbooks you want to print, then open the File menu and select "Print".

To select the files, if they are all together, click the first one, then while holding down the SHIFT key, click the last one - SHIFT acts as "through". If the files are not all together, click the first one, then while holding down the CTRL key, each and all files you want to print.

Understand that this will print the entire workbook, so if you have one spreadsheet in a workbook and two blank sheets (sheet2 and sheet3 tabs) you will get a blank print for the empty sheets. So I recommend deleting the blank sheets first.

Explorer will open each one, but you do not have to select each and order a print for each; it's like a batch print command.

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