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How do I delete unwanted downloads from my computer

Customer Question

My computer has been running a little slower than usual and I was told if I deleted some of the downloads that I''ve initiated in the past that it would clean up my computer a little.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Instant Enigma (IT) replied 9 years ago.
If by CPU, you mean processor, there are no files stored on a processor. If you mean like a computer tower... then I recommend re-formatting the hard drive and reloading the OS just to ensure there are no outstanding issues with the machine.

To be perfectly safe, there could be illegal files on the computer that can be recovered by law enforcement, but the OS doesn't see - I would use a disk wiping program. I regularly use Darik's Boot and Nuke, link below, and it works great. Download, create the floppy and then boot the machine from that and choose "autonuke", it will automatically erase all drives. Then ;you can re-install the OS. If you are trying to save the OS you should use Eraser, also below. First delete all the files you don't want, temp Internet files, cookies, etc and then let Eraser wipe the free space, not as secure as Darik's but probably ok. Good Luck
Expert:  Instant Enigma (IT) replied 9 years ago.,110338-page,1/article.html

check this link it'll help u more.
Expert:  Dave K replied 9 years ago.

Hello. Sorry to barge in here, but I'd like to give you a more relevent answer to your question. Please don't consider reformatting your hard drive. You didn't indicate if you were running a PC, but I am going to assume you have a Windows system. In order to clean up all your temporary files, including downloads, cookies, and broswer history:

In Internet Explorer, click on Tools on the top menu

Click on Internet Options

In the section of that window labeled "Browsing history", click the "Delete" button

That's it - all your temporary files, etc. will be cleaned up. Another thing you might want to check is your Recycle Bin - open that by double-clicking the icon, and if there are many files there you can get rid of them and free the space by clicking "File" and then "Empty Recycle Bin". There are lots of other things that could slow down your system, but this will be a good start.


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