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how do i make a resume and put it into my documents ...

Customer Reply

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
how do i make a resume and put it into my documents so that i can cut and paste it later? when i go to job sites and apply online they ask that you cut and paste your resume ,how can i make a resume to cut and paste.
Expert:  Dave K replied 9 years ago.

Hello. I suggest you create your resume in Word or a similar program and save it to your hard drive (probably in My Documents). Then when you go to a site that requests your resume there are two options:

1. Many sites allow you to attach or upload your resume. In this case, just reference the Word file you saved and they will get it in the original format.

2. If they provide a space for you to type your resume, just open the Word document in another window, select the portion you want to copy (you can use Edit-->Select All if you want all of it) then right-click and click on "Copy" (or Edit--> Copy or press Ctrl+C). Then go to the web page, click in the area where your resume will go, right-click and click on "Paste" (or Edit-->Paste or press Ctrl+V) - this will paste the selected text onto the page.