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i cannot install adobe flash player because it can harm my ...

Customer Question

i cannot install adobe flash player because it can harm my computer so is there a code i can copy and paste onto my myspace?i did it before.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Peter replied 9 years ago.

Myspace and many other websites use Adobe Flash to display videos and other rich media such as animations. To view these you need the Flash player.

Adobe flash player is unlikely to harm your computer. It is a program that is trusted and used by millions of people to enhance their web browsing experience. What you are most likely seeing is a warning message because you are installing a program onto your computer and any program could potentially harm your data or other programs.

If you download and install flash player from the official Adobe website you should not have a problem. You will need to authorise the installation if the message appears again.

If this helps, please ACCEPT, otherwise please provide more information so I can help you further.