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How do I make iTunes my player for music/video dvds and ...

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How do I make iTunes my player for music/video dvds and also for movies so that I can download them to my iPod

Hi Customer;

Making your iTunes the default player for you media files does not necessarily mean thet they will play on your iPod. They still need to be in the proper format for the iPod.

To change the default player for your media files:

1) right click the media file you wish to play.

2) select open with.

3) select browse and navigate to your iTunes player program.

4) select the exicutable file that starts your iTunes program.

5) Check the box that says "use this as my default program for this type file.

6) select apply.

The iTunes program will now be the default program for thatr type file.

You may need to do this for each file type you wish to use iTunes for.

If you have other concerns in this matter please reply here in this thread.

Best regards; Bits n Bytes

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
If I change the default play will I be able to download the music/video/movie to iTunes?

Well you dont actually download the media to the iTunes program itself. The program is what will play them after you enter it as the default player for that type of file.

What you actually do is change the program that your computer sends the media file with that extention to to be played. ie: ITunes instead of WMP

If the iTunes program is what the iPod uses as its file transfer interface with your computer, then yes, it should be able to load the media files to your iPod. Again, this does not necessarily mean that they are going to play properly on the iPod. There are many diffrent codecs in use today. I'm sure that the iPod does not support them all.

If you have other concerns in this matter please reply here in this thread.

Best regards; Bits n Bytes

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Thank you for accepting. And the nice compliments.Smile

Please let me know if you continue to have problems with this.

Bits n Bytes

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Bits n Bytes's Post: I still cannot get a music video to download on to my computer. I have windows xp if that matters. I have iTunes as my music player and windows media player. I really would like to have the music videos and also movies on my iPod. I have the iPod that supports those file, I just cannot get any to go there

Please help if you can


You may be running into good ole DRM. The media you are trying to copy may have copy protection that will not allow you to copy it to your hard drive.

May I ask the titles and distributors of what you are trying to copy? I can then tell you if they allow copying their content or not.