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JC Dill
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businesses that have been affected negatively by the interne

Resolved Question:

I need a business name, what it does, how it was negatively affected by the internet, how can the business compete with the internet, what recommendations to help the business improve their situation
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  JC Dill replied 10 years ago.
Any business that sells music was seriously impacted by the internet, and music downloading is on a fast track to replace selling CDs in a retail store. The companies that sell CDs could have been on the cutting edge of this if they had pushed the music industry sooner/harder to give customers the choices (buying single tracks, buying music by download rather than CDs) they clearly wanted and they took thru internet file sharing.

The biggest recommendation I can give is to stop trying to "protect" an old way of doing business because all such protections will fail. Instead, look at what customers want and then find a way to give it to them!

Amazon found a way to give customers books at a lower cost.

iTunes found a way to give customers music downloads instead of in-store CD purchases.

eBay found a way to connect buyers and sellers and give sellers more exposure for unusual items and buyers more choices who to buy from.

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