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Claws224, IEEE Network Engineer, Microsoft
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I hear unexpected audio on my computer - interviews, ...

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I hear unexpected audio on my computer - interviews, movie trailers, etc. - yet I am not on any website and have no programs open - just Windows. How can I stop it?


Are you doing anything in particular when you hear the noises?

Have you just closed your browser or another program?

Is there anything at all you can think of that you do or have done when this starts?



Customer: replied 10 years ago.
It doesn't seem to matter what I'm doing when this audio starts. I could be just reading e-mail or in the middle of playing a game I d/l'ed from The audio kind of sounds like a radio station; there are commercials that run, there's interviews, audio of film trailers, once it was a Fergie concert from the point of view of 2 concert-goers. It's so bizarre. It just starts happening with no warning. I shut down every program and it's still going. I tried right-clicking on a blank area of my toolbar to access Task Manager to see what processes are running and Task Manager appears on the pop-up list, but when I click on it nothing happens. I've tried Ctrl-Alt-Delete and no Task Manager comes up either. An IT guy told me it's possible that my Task Manager got re-named and that's why it's not working.

Last night I left it running to see if I could hear a station ID or something. I heard an announcer say "SPEED" a few times and after about 15 mins. it stopped. I would think that a pop-up blocker would stop it. I have SuperAd Blocker but it doesn't seem to be doing anything.

I had visited a website called and they had automatically signed me up for some kind of daily pop-up instant message, but I went to the site and unchecked that to stop it.

Have you heard of this before? I can't imagine how something is running audio on my computer with no programs running. Please help. Thank you.


I can honestly say I have never come accross this before, The closest thing I can remember was a client with a tv/radio tuner card that would unexpectedly play television.

I would suggest going to and running their free online spyware scan to se if you have missed anything with your previous attempts.

Other than that do you ever use real media or listen to any online radio stations?




The problem as Eric suggested is most likely caused by spyware, which may have installed itself on you computer. It can also be some kind of live background audio coming from certain sites when you visit them.

If the sound is only coming when you visit certain sites you can easily determine which site is causing it by monitoring the open websites at the time the problem occurs.

If the sound is not necessarily coming from one of the visited sites but due to some spyware installed on your system, you can find out the program that is causing it as follows:

Next time you hear the sound, click CTRL + ALT + DEL keys to open the Task Manager. Then click on the Processes tab, and end the process of programs that you do not recognize, one a time, until the sound stops playing (be careful not to touch explore.exe) . That last one you have ended would be the culprit.

Hope this helps.


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Eric's Post: Hi Eric:

I downloaded ewido like you suggested and it did find a lot more spyware than my program. I've deleted it all. You mentioned an on-line radio station --- I did look up a website looking for a radio station in another market, but I never downloaded anything from that site. Maybe it automatically loaded something on my computer without me being aware.

I appreciate your help but your answer didn't have a green ACCEPT button. I want to ACCEPT your answer and not the guy named John D who also answered (and his does have the Green Accept)because he obviously did not read my entire response. Please send me an e-mail with an ACCEPT for you. Thanks.


Did the removal of the extra spyware take care of your audio problem?

Please let me know and there should be an accept button you can use on this answer if you are satisfied with the information I provided.



Claws224, IEEE Network Engineer, Microsoft
Category: Computer
Satisfied Customers: 5182
Experience: approx 20 years of experience from software to hardware design
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