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Do magnets effect electronics (computers) at all

Resolved Question:

I use a magnetic base for my job as a CNC set-up man.I put it on the console.Does this hurt the electronics
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Thomas replied 10 years ago.

Generally speaking, magnets are harmful mostly to the magnetic storaged devices on your computer:

Hard Drives, Floppy Drives, Flash Drives, BIOS, EPROM chips and other Firmware chipsets.

It would take quite a powerful magnet in fairly close proximity to cause a loss of data or some type of erasure.

If you have a CRT, (normal tube monitor) placing a magnet near the monitor may cause image loss, especially after repeated exposures.

If you have a LCD monitor, the magnet may have no effect on it.

There are many schools of thought on this subject. I have seen damage to hard drives from the user putting commong refrigerator magnets on the computer case. But, on the other hand, most computers have some type of magnet built-in if there is a system speaker attached to the inside of the case. Also, most computer users place their speakers right next to the computer case, and these speakers cause Electro Magnetic Fields.

On the other hand, just placing a strong magnet near a credit card's mag strip could cause informtion loss.


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