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Mr. Hollerith
Mr. Hollerith, Practical Experience!
Category: Computer
Satisfied Customers: 1387
Experience:  IBM 360 SysOp (in 1966!). Heavy PC user. Introduced Mainframe & PC processes for 33 years at work.
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why are you interested in working for our company

Customer Question

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Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Mr. Hollerith replied 10 years ago.
Allow me to presume that this is an interview question that you might be asked, as a candidate for a position.

Here is how you might answer, using the concepts that I think are important. Almost everyone wants a job because there is a salary involved. When YOU are looking for a job you need to deliver potential to your interviewers that the other candidates for the job won't deliver. Salespeople call this delivery of something that the others don't have a "unique selling proposition."

Your unique selling proposition should emphasize your intrinsic motivation, your willingness and desire to learn what it takes to excel, and your ability to deliver more than just the minimum requirements of the job.

Since it is already clear you want the job, it naturally follows that you want the experience that comes with. Once you learn the job you are likely to want to make more responsible decisions. Once you start making more responsible decisions, you will be worth more to the company and are likely to be a part of increasing revenues, decreasing costs, or improving customer service.

Once you start doing THAT, you will be deserving of a promotion and of additional responsibility. All of these things are logical answers to why you want to work at the job, no matter what the initial duties are.

Show these factors to your interviewer, and they will appear to them to be a unique selling proposition - because nobody else will explain it this way. If the interviewer has any ability, the job will be yours.