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How do EPOS systems work. Why do they need a dedicated ...

Customer Question

How do EPOS systems work. Why do they need a dedicated telephone line and who is responsible to make the transactions? and how many sites can be dealt with by one server>
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Mike Teflon replied 10 years ago.


Welcome and thanks for your question on JA..

EPOS translates to "Electronic point of sale" systems.. These are widespread in UK..

However, you have not indicated your location.. It would help me give a better answer if you can give me your location..

Also, Please let me know, if you want to know anything specific with regard to your question..


Expert:  Mike Teflon replied 10 years ago.


Ok, let's take a look at it..

As I mentioned earlier, Electronic point of sale, or EPOS systems are based on a PC with a bar code reader.

An EPOS system is a device which at the point of sale identifies each item you sell, provide a price for the item and records the sale of item. An EPOS system has a bar code reader and is based on a PC. The software possesses the ability to provide information on sales and profitability right down to item level and suggests reorders, process orders, print labels and a link to accounts system. Modern day EPOS systems have no limit on number of items they can handle..

Why dedicated line : It needs a dedicated telephone line as it has to keep in touch with the server and the server processes the credit card queue system and needs to stay online for a few seconds. For every transaction the EPOS gets in touch with server and the same operation takes place over and again..

Who is responsible: The retailer is responsible for credit card settlement, much like a manual swipe system. The credit queue system only authorizes the transaction.

How many transactions: As many transactions as you like.. The server will make a connection and stay online for a few seconds after the card is authorized. The server will process as a queue....first in first how many? As many as you want. If the credit queue is single threaded, on a really busy day the second, third, fourth, etc transactions will return as they are processed. Each transaction should only take a few seconds each.....a little more for the one that requests and needs to dial.

Please see the following link for an in-depth discussion on EPOS systems..

To know and to take advantage of how EPOS systems can augment your business activity and profitability..., please see the link below

I hope the above information will be useful to you.. Thanks for visiting

Credits: I would like to thank my good friend and fellow expert "Jeffrey Flaker", who shares his rich experience with me and shares my opinion on the above topic.. Mr. Flaker has had working experience in EPOS systems..

Thanks & Regards



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