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My printer is only printing part of my email message-

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My printer is only printing part of my email message- how can I set it to print full document? It spits out ablank page and then omits last part of a document.


You need to check your "toner/ink" cartridge and/or reinstall your printer driver.. This is the usual cause of the problem which throws out blank paper..

However there could other problems as well and do the following checks if the above one does not work out..

1. Misaligned or worn-out print head

2. Cartridge may need to be replaced

3. Also check your printer's properties screen for if the entire physical memory was available or not.. you can select a low memory printing option in case your e-mail contains any images..

I am giving a link below for which the common problems and solutions for inkjet/laserjet printer are given.. please go through it completely as it could solve your problem..

Please let me know if this answer has been useful, else please contact me and I would be happy to further attend on you.. Please do not forget to hit the accept button if you find this useful..



Customer: replied 10 years ago.
I still didn't solve my problem but will try reinstalling my driver.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.

I tried to remove and reinstall my printer driver but it wouldn't let me. I tried printing test pages and whatever else troubleshooting told me to do but no luck- don't know what else to try.


Alright try this..

While firing the print job check the following..

1. Go to print preview option and check the paper size (ie; A4, letter etc.. and margins) These must match the margins and document size as given in your mail client (ie; outlook express or yahoomail... so on)..

2. As per "print preview" see whether the document has been exactly set for printing that is whether the entire document is visible or not in this option (print preview) --- if not -- go to file -> page setup in your mail client and set the parameters (ie; paper size, margins) that matches physical size of the paper that you are going to take print out on..

To cut it short see whether the entire document you intend to print is visible on print preview or not else you have to do necessary adjustments in page setup option..

I hope this helps completely in solving your problem..

There other issues as well if the above one fails.. like "emulation-mismatch", driver compatibility issues and so on.. Therefore if the above solution which I gave fails, then please let me know your printer model and make.. so that I can isolate the problem and provide the proper solution..

Thanks very much for putting up with us..pleasure working for you..



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