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Mr. Hollerith
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Experience:  IBM 360 SysOp (in 1966!). Heavy PC user. Introduced Mainframe & PC processes for 33 years at work.
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I am trying to obtain my w-2s from dial america, in a ...

Customer Question

I am trying to obtain my w-2s from dial america, in a faster and easier way instead of by mail. I have called them, 5 times for over 2 weeks now, i then called the irs. can i obtain my w-2 online from dial america?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Mr. Hollerith replied 10 years ago.
Your employer is obligated to provide your W-2 forms by February 1. Have you moved since you last gave them an address of record? If your W-2 was sent to an address that is now incorrect, though, it should have been returned to them - and their payroll or accounting section should have it.

Your W-2 is printed by your employer, so it can be attached to your tax return. It is probably available on line ONLY within their payroll system.

Since you have had no success yet dealing with the lower levels of the company, I recommend you research the names of higher-level corporate officers. Call each of them until you find someone willing to assist you in getting the W-2 you are entitled to. Sometimes a word from "above" can get the job done.

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