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How can I copy multiple pages at once in Adobe Acrobat/Prof

Customer Question

Currently, I can copy-and-paste only a single page at a time from Adobe Acrobat Professional into, say, Word or Lotus Notes. You can imagine how time-consuming this is--not including issues such as alignment and so forth--when there are 10 pages to copy. I am wanting to know how to easily copy-and-paste the whole Adobe document in one fell swoop. I am interested only in responses that tell me how to do this--please don't just tell me it can't be done. Thanks!
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  PCman replied 10 years ago.


You could select all the content at once by clicking on Edit / Select All. Then you would do a normal copy & paste, but you would lose all the formatting.

You may want to invest in a tool designed specifically to convert PDF to Word documents, like the $49.95 Solid Converter PDF v3 - Standard. This version is $50 cheaper than the "Professional" edition, the difference being the ability to create PDF documents. You don't have to pay for that, you could use the freeware Pdf995.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
PCman, are you telling me that if I obtain the Solid Converter PDF v3-Standard, etc., I WILL be able to successfully SELECT ALL, COPY, and PASTE, without losing anything, etc.? Please advise--and thank you!
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
PCman, thank you. However, my problem is a bit more twisted (smile) than making a .pdf into a .doc.

In fact, the .pdf is based on a Word doc. Later, however, it is necessary to copy the .pdf to place it into our database, etc. We can copy one page at a time. However, to save time, I am trying to find a way to copy the whole thing at once.

Can you advise?
Expert:  PCman replied 10 years ago.


You should be able to select all the PDF document at once from the Adobe Acrobat Reader's Edit / Select All option. Then you would copy and paste it as you would with any Windows application.

What I meant by mentioning the Solid Converter PDF v3-Standard is that it would preserve (as they claim) the original formatting. I thought your goal was to convert the PDFs into Word documents and you were spending time in restoring the original formatting once you copied the page. Simply copying and pasting from a PDF document into a Word or anywhere else doesn't preserve the formatting. This tool tries to make the Word document look like the original PDF. If format is important to you, is worth a look, but you don't need it to select all the content of a PDF document at once.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Depending of what exactly is what you are trying to do and the constraints you have to deal with we can come up with the right combination of tools to make the process as painless as possible.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.

When I looked at the link you sent, I was only under the impression that it would convert a .pdf to a .doc. If you are saying that it will allow me to copy-and-paste the ENTIRE .pdf, format all all, into virtually any application, then I'm game, and we'll complete the transaction. Otherwise, I'm afraid that it will not at all meet our needs. Thank you.
Expert:  PCman replied 10 years ago.


You don't need a specific application to copy and paste an entire PDF document other than the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader. All Solid Converter does is convert a PDF document into a Word document while preserving the original format.

Please do this test and let me know if the results are satisfactory:

  • Open up a PDF document
  • Click on Edit / Select All.
  • Click on Edit / Copy.
  • Go to the application in which you want to paste the content of the original PDF document.
  • Cick on the exact place where the paste should happen.
  • Press and hold the Control key and then press the V key.


Customer: replied 10 years ago.

I'm sorry, but it doesn't retain the formatting. It may work for a single page, but not for multiple pages. Alas!
Expert:  PCman replied 10 years ago.


I'm so sorry, we may have a disconnect somewhere. Your original question mentioned you had to copy one page at a time from a PDF document to Word or Lotus Notes. Hence my suggestion of using a tool that would convert the whole PDF document into a Word one with the same formatting. Then you could save the Word document as a RTF (Rich Text Format), which is more standard (and pastes better into a Lotus Notes e-mail).

Simply using "Select All / Copy and Paste" will not preserve the formatting, but it will copy the whole PDF document contents at once and you can paste them somewhere else.

Check if pasting from a Word document preserves the formatting better (same idea, Select All, Copy & Paste). It may do so depending on what database application you are using. Then converting the PDF documents to Word while preserving the format would make sense. I would try the test I outlined above with a Word document.

It would be helpful if you could include screenshots of what you're trying to accomplish.