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I do not have a gmail icon on my home page. How ...

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I do not have a gmail icon on my home page. How can i get one?

Do you want a link frm your home page to gmail?

Can you give me the link of a page with a gmail icon that you want?


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Flagbridge-IT's Post: my computer was recently in the shop and it was set up to go directly to gmail when we log on. there is an icon on the gmail page linking to the home page but there is no icon on the home page linking back to gmail. This confuses some users. i need a link on the toolbar to take the user to gmail and i don't know how to accomplish this.

Here is the link to the gmail toolbar

You can install it to get a gmail link on your browser bar.

If that is not what you are talking about then please explain what you mean by login, and home page. Are you talking about when they enter the username and password XXXXX XP.

Is the login part of a Windows Domain at work?


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