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Where are torrents saved on computer?

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I have been downloading movies from for 2 years using the ubit torrent they are saved on my d drive but somehow all my saved movies have disappeared. But the ones still on u torrent when asked to show where they are stored it says d drive/movies but when I go there it says folder is empty. Even if I download new movies they download ok but I can't find where they are stored.

Click on the My Computer icon, on the task bar at the top choose tools, then select Folder Options from the drop down menu, go to the view tab, then scroll down to the Hidden Files and Folders sub-menu, click on show hidden files and the click the APPLY button to make sure your setting get save that way. Then go about your search again. It would help if you know the type of file the movie is saved as then you could enter *.mov or *.zip in your search to look for the files. If you don't, then just enter just part of the name of the movie that would be unique. Then put an * (as a wildcard) on both sides. For example search for Chariots of Fire as "Chari". That should simplify the search as well since you may not know the exact file name and words such as fire will bring up too many results.

Another simple way (if your application will allow) is to go into the application used to save the movies. Save something but use a name you know you won't forget and another type of file extension. Such as, "findmovies.doc", then does a search for that file then uses a right click and select "Open file containing" and sees what is in that folder.

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