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How do i write/send an email in txt (notepad) form , ...

Customer Question

How do i write/send an email in txt (notepad) form , and include working links in it?

Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Techie replied 11 years ago.

In general, you can just include the address/URL (e.g. "") in your message and most of the tools/clients will convert this into a link. OR You can add HTML codes into your message to add a link:e.g.
<a href=>Click to visit Mysite</a>

Pls. let me know if this does not help.

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Harris's Post: Sorry but that doesn't really help me. I know how to include links usually and i know basic html. What i am trying to do is write emails in notepad form and include the links so that they are extremely small in size so that they are ignored by spam filters when i send them. I am using Microsoft Outlook.


Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Relist: I still need help.
Expert:  John D replied 11 years ago.

As you may already know, a link is only a pointer that points to a certain document or file. In order for the link to work, the document has to be accessible, either online or on the network.

So if you want to send a link pointing to a notepad file, that notepad file should be accessible to the one clicking the link. In other words the notepad file should be uploaded to a web location.

Alternatively, you can send the notepad file itself as an attachment to your email. It will be sent in an unformatted text which are normally small files (if the file is large, you can zip it using a compression program such

Hope this help

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to John D.'s Post: Thanks for your reply. I should probably point out that that i am essentially a beginner and really require clear instructions in order to do this. I need to send emails in notepad format with links included in it. These links will be to files that i have on my website. The notepad form is so that the emails will be ignored by spam filters. I know i'm probably repeating myself and i'm sure the answer is staring me in the face but any help for an idiot would be appreciated!

Expert:  John D replied 11 years ago.

OK, there are two steps involved here:

1) Preparing your notepad file: Open the notepad program (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad) and type in your message. To add links to your message, you need to go to the webpage where the files are, right-click on the button or link and select Copy Shortcut. Then paste the shortcut into your notepad text. Finally save the text file.

2) Sending the file: Go to your email program, select the Create message tab or button (sometimes called Compose or Write etc). Fill in the "To" and the "Subject" fields, and then click on the Attach or Attachment button. This will open a browsing window. Navigate to the location where you have saved the file in step 1, and select the file. Finally click the Send button.

Please note that since the notepad program does not allow formatting, the link you paste will not be clickckable. The recipients will have to highlight the link. copy it and paste it in their browser's address bar.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need further assistance or in case you need to test this procedure by emailing a test file for me to look at and send back to you.

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to John D.'s Post: Hi,
I see what you mean about the notepad program not allowing clickable links. Perhaps i am really looking for just another method of sending a small email with clickable links that will be ignored by a spam filter. I wish i could show you an example of this text as i have a few emails in my in box like this. They are extremely small in size-between 2kb and 6kb, but also have clickable links.

Expert:  John D replied 11 years ago.
If you can forward to me one of those emails, I will take a look at it and let you know what it is. You can send it to this email address: [email protected]. Thanks.
Expert:  John D replied 11 years ago.


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