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How can you access someones cell phone text ...

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How can you access someone's cell phone text messages by computer?
You might maybe possibly be able to access your own text messages, if your cell phone provider offers that service.

If you are trying to access someone else's text messages, and you have their permission, then you will be limited to whether or not THEIR company offers that service.

If you are trying to access someone else's text messages, and you do not have their permission, then you would be hacking and breaking the law. You would also probably not be successful. In my day job as a network administrator, I take time to read the hacker magazines (i.e., 2600, Blacklisted 411). I'm not a hacker, but I want to know what they are going to try next. In none of these magazines have I seen an article that talks about hacking into someone else's cell phone text messages.

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Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Gary's Post: Well, I appreciate your thoughts, butI really asked how it would be possible to access texts by computer . . . not that I was intending to do so, I'm more concerned that it is possible, and if I knew how it was done, I could take steps to prevent it from happening to me. I realize its illegal, I don't want to do it, I want to protect myself from them accessing my texts!
The answer is no.

You can not access text messages on a phone from your computer.

Once a text message is sent it goes to the cell phone providers
servers, and is then transferred to the users phone. Once that
transference occurs the message is on the phone itself, so to access
you would need to access the phone with your computer, and that is not
possible using covert means.

Even connecting to your own phone with your computer, it would be difficult to extract the text messages.

Hope this helps

Stephen, Programmer
Category: Computer
Satisfied Customers: 869
Experience: ***
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