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Koachwiz, Computer Engineer
Category: Computer
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Experience:  two decades of computer experience including hardware, software, security
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how do i fit 100 songs on a blank cd

Customer Question

how do i fit more than 80 minutes or at least 100 songs on a blank cd?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Koachwiz replied 11 years ago.

Thank you for asking your question. Please review the following answer below:

The most you find on Cds is 80 min/ 700MB somtimes a little more , but this is because the way there designed they can only pack a certain amount of information. Yes there are cd that can hold 1.3 GB but those are using special drives like sony's double density technology. This is why they invented dvds. But....

What you can do is make an MP3 CD which stores the files on your regular cd in a different format. The only problem is the cd will only work in CD players that say they support MP3 Playback, a lot of then do and usually says if it does in the features, instruction manual, or often on a sticker attached to the device. Besides all computers play these cds. You can make an mp3 cd using roxio's easy cd creator or a similar program.

If your not interested in the above option, why don't you consider buying a low capacity mp3 player that stores 100 or so songs and you can hook it up to your stereo wherever you go.

I hope i was able to help you. If you have any questions, clarifications, etc... please reply to this

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