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BigThunder, Information Systems Manager
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How do I paste two separate pictures into one picture

Customer Question

I have lots of pictures saves on my computer, and I'm trying to paste some of my pictures together ! For example I have one separate picture of my boyfriend. I also have one separate picture of me , and I'd like to somehow paste the two separate pictures together to make it one picture! As if we were together in the picture ! I've seen this done many times I'm just not sure how to do it myself !! thanks, rachel
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  BigThunder replied 11 years ago.
Hi Rachel,
To do this you need to use paint package, basically a piece of software which lets you manipulate your photos. One option is to use something like ImageMerger:

   Which is dedicated to merging images. Another option is to use a more general paint package, such as the free Paint.Net:

   With this you can manually merge two images by using the 'layers' feature and setting the transparency. This gives you more flexibility to get a better end result but may take more expertise!

Good luck getting the photos together!

Hope this helps! (Please click Accept if it does)

- BigThunder