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Paul Klemstine
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How do I send a text message from my pc to a land line phone

Customer Question

I would like to know how I would be able to send a text message from my laptop to a home telephone number?
Submitted: 13 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Paul Klemstine replied 13 years ago.

It is impossible to send a text message to a land line phone. Cell phones are designed to send and recieve text messages. Land line phones are not like cell phones in that the only text information that they can recieve is caller ID information, which is usually the caller's name and/or phone number. This information is sent from the phone company to the phone between the first and second ring.

Changing you caller ID information to send a text message from your home computer is not possible (and quite possibly illegal if you could), but there are some online services that will let you call someone with a fake caller ID (or text message). All the services have a fee, and work in different ways. You'd use one of these services, and then you could call a person and their caller ID could say

Call from: George W. Bush(NNN) NNN-NNNN/P>

Here are some of the caller ID spoofing services offered on the internet. I do not have any experience in using these services, so I cannot tell you which one works the best.

Customer: replied 13 years ago.
Reply to Paul Klemstine's Post: an old friend of mine sent me a text message to my land line from her cell phone but it was voice activated when it got to my end and I could even respond how can I do that from my pc?
Expert:  Paul Klemstine replied 13 years ago.

Ah. I believe I understand how she did it now. Her cellular phone provider must have a service that allows her to type and send a text message to your land line phone number. Then the cell phone companies computer called you, and you interact with their voice messaging system, recieving her text message she typed in and allowing you to respond..

If you are looking to send a text message back to her phone using your computer, try one of these free services:

Plus Yahoo Messenger has the ability to send a cell phone text message also.

I hope this helps you, if not, hopefully another expert will step in and help you with this question better than I did.