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How much money do a computer technician make

Customer Question

How much money do a computer technician make?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Jeff Fountain replied 11 years ago.

that all depends on who pays them,

the Geeks at Best buy make significantly less than someone who owns his own business (like me), but lets say...

I charge $50 per hour for my service calls with a 1 hour minimum

some charge alot more..

I pay my Guys anywhere from 10 -25 per hour to work for me..

as with any job, you have to look into the area, and see what It brings, someone in LA California is gonna make ALOT more than someone in "Dumpwater Iowa" doing the same task

check with local computer stores, see what the market bears

or, check with your local Tech Center, or Highschool counselor(s), they usually have a good grasp on what jobs pay what $$ in their area

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