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how do I fix blank LCD screen on Sony Vaio When ...

Customer Question

how do I fix blank LCD screen on Sony Vaio? When trying to get display to project on a projector hooked to laptop, we disabled AGP video driver. Now can't get notebook to display anything. Have tried, Safe Mode (can't see anything on screen), Enabling VGA, going to Last Known Good Configuration, hooking it up to external monitor - no luck in getting Vaio to display anything on it's LCD screen. Didn't come shipped with XP CD, so can't reinstall OS or drivers. Bios doesn't help. Any tricks anyone knows?

Optional Information:
OS: Windows XP; Browser: IE

Already Tried:
Booting into Safe Mode, but we still can't get a VGA driver to load. Blank screen remains.

Connecting laptop to external monitor, still get blank screen on both.

Setting BIOS back to default settings. No luck. Blank LCD screen remains.

Using "Enable VGA" from start up options. Still have a blank screen.

Toggline Function F7 key from LCD monitor to External Monitor when external monitor is attached. Still get blank screen on both.

Starting up in Safe Mode with prompts; system stops loading drivers when it reaches AGP video driver and stalls. It freezes at that point and we have to reboot. Still can't get into XP GUI.

The ONLY thing we can read on the Vaio notebook LCD screen are the start up options when pressing F8. After that, we cannot get into the GUI Safe Mode interface because it doesn't seem to want to reload a VGA driver.

What else can we try?

Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Andy replied 11 years ago.
OK here goes...
I'm not sure of the key sequence for the VAIO, but for most laptops it's the function key + F7. Try pressing those two keys, usually you have the option to toggle betweeen the LCD display, an external monitor, and both.
This sounds like a issue that has occured to me and this is how I resolved it.

If this helps please click accept and a bonus and good feedback is always welcome.

PS also where did you get this laptop?
If it didn't come with a restore disk or original Windows software, microsoft would like to know about it, Because all dealers are required to supply the media to the end user (Customer).
Customer: replied 11 years ago.

Have already tried toggling between the LDC and external monitor with Func F7 option. Still cannot see anything on the screen except what comes up initially at startup. Then everything still goes blank. Desiree
Expert:  Andy replied 11 years ago.
Hi Desiree,
       I am confused on your post. Can you or can't you get in via safemode? Please let me know.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Andy's Post: Nope. This is our problem. We cannot boot into Safe Mode. When we try it just produces a blank screen. We can see the start up options on the screen to choose Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Command Prompt, Enable VGA, etc, but once we choose anything, the screen doesn't render the GUI. Microsoft now tells my friend that the display driver that we disabled in order to get the projector to pick up the display was likely corrupted once we disabled it. They have since renamed or removed that driver in order to try to gete the system to do a Repair using an XP disk. The repair did not work. I just spoke with my friend and Microsoft is supposed to call him back with more troubleshooting suggestions. I have suggested he try an ME or W2K startup disk to reload generic display drivers to see if he can boot up to the XP GUI and then reload new AGP video drivers from either Sony or AGP's site. But up until this point we can't get past the blank screen problem after the initial startup process completes. I hope this clarifies...Desiree
Expert:  Andy replied 11 years ago.
Ok here goes:
Try downloading and creating a (2) disks wich are boot disks. Thes have the software to repair and make XP back to the default. This is a driver issue and this should get you through it.

If this helps please click accept.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Andy's Post: Hi, Andy.

We tried boot disks already and no luck. I finally sent my friend to a laptop technician who removed his data from his hard drive, did a repair on the OS and finally got the display to render the GUI.

My friend called me this morning to thank me for the reference to the technician.

Thanks for your response, but we thought of that too and it didn't work.

Expert:  Andy replied 11 years ago.
So I guess your now going to pay for the help.