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what does reboot computer mean

Customer Question

I always thought that rebooting your computer meant to shut your hard drive off and restart it. A so called "computer expert" says that is not rebooting a computer. I would appreciate your definition of rebooting a computer.

Thanks, Connie
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Lindie replied 11 years ago.

If you shut your computer all the way down to where you have to press the start button to turn it back on, then that is a shut down.

To reboot/restart: If one goes to START button there are usually 3 options, (Stand by, Restart, turn off) if one clicks re start, it restarts the system without doing a full shut down.

Another option on is to

HIT- CTRL, ALT & DELETE at the same time, that is referred to as a soft reboot.

Except in windows XP on doing the ctrl, alt & delete when the window pops up, go to the top where it says SHUT DOWN and you click on re start.

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