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SQL Queries to Develop Develop SQL statements using the EMP

Customer Question

SQL Queries to Develop
Develop SQL statements using the EMP and DEPT tables explained in the lecture notes and available in Oracle APEX. Use Oracle APEX to try out and test each SQL statement. Note that SAL is a month salary. Send in all your SQL Statements in one text file for grading.
MINIMUM QUESTIONS (80 Point Maximum)
List all department names and dept numbers greater than 20
List the salesman that have a monthly salary greater than $1300
List all employee names whose names begin with W
Find all employees who are not salesman
List all employees and their jobs who have no commission
What is the average salary for each job? (Hint: Use Group by)
What is the average salary for each job by location? (Hint: Sort by location, then by job)
Find all the employees who have a salary of at least $2500 and are not managers
In what City does Allen work? (Hint: its just one City)
What are the names of the employees in Chicago that have a salary greater than $1000 but less than $1575? (Hint: Use Between)
CHALLENGE QUESTIONS: (do the rest for a 100 Point Maximum)
List all department information as well as the employee name and job for all employees living in Chicago or Boston. Do not use the dept.loc field in your WHERE clause. (Hint: What other field in the dept table could you use to get this information?)
How many employees are in each job category by department? (Hint: Use group by and have multiple fields in your group by clause).
List the employees whose annual salary ranges from 22000 to 45000 (Hint: 12*SAL gives you an annual salary)
List the employee names that start with an 's' and contain only five characters
List the employee names that have only 4 characters and the third character must be an 'R'
List the details of the employees who job is the same as ALLEN
List the jobs in Department Number 10 that are not found in Department Number 20
What is the total annual salaries of all managers combined?
What is the average monthly salary of a clerk?
List the grand total of all annual salaries by job
Question 8: C++ or Java or Ruby Class (your choice)
Write a class for books based on your design of question 1. Consider information on publisher and authors as well. Create one constructor to create a book object and define getter functions as needed. To make this question reasonable, you can limit the total of "getter" functions to five (5).
... Just like you did on the midterm but with Books instead of a license ... remember that you have authors and publishers to worry about as well as books. Here is my best HINT to get you started, read through your C++ lecture notes, espeicially one of those notes :) Keep it simple, don't get too concerned with Structures ... think "string" as a type for many of the class data members. Also, just provide 5 getter functions ... don't go crazy.
Question 9: Design
What methods or actions would you perform on you book data? For example, a useful function would be to Update the Price of a book. List Ten other methods/actions that one would find useful with our Book Class. Think about it in terms of a book, an author, and a publisher.
... no code is needed here, just list out 10 items ... such as "Update the Book Price" ... provide 9 more.
Question 10: SQL
This is a three (3) part question that parallels our Perl homework, where you created information about your favorite team.
Part I: Using SQL, develop one (1) CREATE TABLE statement that would create a database table within Oracle APEX. Define a primary key, you are welcome to add additional columns as needed to your table. Don't worry about a Foreign key or creating any other tables
Part II: Using SQL, develop a set of five (5) INSERT statements to populate your table with information about each team.
Part III: Create one (1) select statement that selects all columns and rows in your table. Sort it by your team name. Don't use an asterisk (like "SELECT * FROM team"), instead, please specify each column.
... All SQL statements are really in your lecture notes ... especially the script I provided that creates and populates the emp, dept, and salgrade tables. Look at how I created, inserted, and selected from the emp table. Just mimic that and try out your work in Oracle APEX to make sure it all works. I just need to see the statements in SQL that do parts I, II, and III. If you can't think of good primary key, just add a column as your primary key called "team_id" that is the same type as empno in our sample emp table.
To verify it works, try out your SQL statements in Oracle APEX to create, populate, and query your table.
Question 11: Ruby Tweets - What Language did you like best?
We covered many languages this semester. What was your favorite language this semester? Use a Hash in Ruby to create and print five (5) Tweets that voice your thoughts on why you like a particular language. Stick to one
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Hope you are doing well.

Zip all files; upload the zipped file to or and post download link here.

What is the deadline?

Expert:  LogicPro replied 1 year ago.

sorry, just read full question. option out for others to answer

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
the deadline is 9:30 a emp table
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
whos the new programmer
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
50 dollars