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I am working on a (still unfinished) program in Visual

Customer Question

I am working on a (still unfinished) program in Visual Studio that minimizes the time, distance, and calculated hazmat risk between different nodes (cities) in a network and allows you to edit existing networks, where the data is being loaded and saved to an Access Database in the project folder. However, there are some issues I’d like resolved:
- If the origin node doesn't have at least two possible nodes to connect to, the optimizer doesn't return any values (ie: Lake City). Otherwise, it works perfectly when testing it out in the ScenarioDesigner.aspx page.
- If a destination node appears in only one link it won't show up in either of the dropdown lists on the ScenarioDesigner.aspx page (it works when an origin node appears in only one link.)
- I would also like to list the routes taken in addition to the gridview listing 0’s and 1’s for each route not taken/taken in the network.
- Lastly, the bottoms of some of the pages don’t match the light blue background color.
- Ensure the optimizers work even when an origin node only has one connection node (this likely just involves changing a section of code for each of the 3 optimizer classes)
- Ensure both dropdowns show all of the possible origins and destinations.
- Ensure the entire background color of each page is light blue.
- Programmatically list the actual routes taken for each of the three scenarios between the gridview and the graphs on the the ScenarioDesigner.aspx page. For instance, if the origin and destination nodes are Port St. Lucie and Jacksonville, under Scenario 1 it would say something like:
“Port St. Lucie > Orlando,
Orlando > Ocala,
Ocala > Gainesville,
Gainesville > Jacksonville”
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Programming
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
See attachment.
Expert:  Kris R replied 1 year ago.


What run time?