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How to move a MS SQL database from SQL Server 2008 running

Customer Question

How to move a MS SQL database from SQL Server 2008 running on a MS Small Business Server to MS SQL Express 2014 running on a desktop.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Programming
Expert:  Ingo U replied 1 year ago.
So you've tried the import/export route - that would be my first choice as well, and it really should work.Can you give more detail about the steps you took and where it went wrong?Were you running the SSMS on the source or destination machine? I would tend to prefer to run it on the destination server and use the "import" from the source server.
Expert:  Ingo U replied 1 year ago.
Actually, I meant to say the "Copy Database" operation, running it in SMSS on the destination server.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have tried copying using SSMS M2014 on the desktop from the SSBS2008 to SSE2014 on the Desktop. I receive a message saying that you cannot copy from SSBS2008 to a SSE2005 or higher. I have tried doing a backup on the SSBS2008, copying the backup file to the Desktop WorkGroup machine running SSE2014 restoring. The database gets created, but it cannot be accessed because it was copied from a Domain server and there are rights issues trying to open it in the Work Group. I have exported the data to Excel and then imported it into the SSE2014, some of the data types get changed which is an issue for the application using the database. Bit and Int field types become Floats in the new tables. I have tried copying the excel data and pasting it into the the empty tables, but all of the data doesn't get copied. I think there may be issues with the 32 bit Excel data and the 64 bit sql . I am trying to shut down my domain server and run a simple work group network since I closed the main business that needed the SBS. I am tearing my hair out trying to get this small database moved.
Expert:  Ingo U replied 1 year ago.
Have you tried creating the blank destination database manually on your desktop server and using the "import data" tool to copy tables over from the 2008 server?
Expert:  Ingo U replied 1 year ago.
Hi, any luck?If need be, would you be able to share the complete database backup you created? Perhaps I could figure something out.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Eureka!!! I finally got it done Friday night. I wound up having to move the database twice. Created the empty database on the domain computer running SQL EXPRESS and imported the data from the SQL 2008 Server. Made a backup of the new database on the domain computer. Created the empty database on the workgroup computer, copied the backup to the workgroup computer and restored it. The only unsolved issue is Windows Authentication rights to the database. I got around that by using SQL Authentication, which required a modification to the Application connection strings. I am a business man, not a computer engineer so this was very difficult for me. However, it was very gratifying to finally solve the problem even if I had to get some help. Thanks for your input and inquiry as to success.
Expert:  Ingo U replied 1 year ago.
Glad to hear it, and good job! Please feel free to follow up here if you have any additional questions regarding this issue.