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I need to convert the C# console code below to a GUI version

Customer Question

I need to convert the C# ***** code below to a GUI version in C#using System;
public class TippingTable
public static void Main()
double dinnerPrice = 10.00;
double tipRate;
double tip;const double LOWRATE = 0.10;
const double MAXRATE = 0.25;
const double TIPSTEP = 0.05;
const double MAXDINNER = 100.00;
const double DINNERSTEP = 10.00;Console.Write(" Price");
for(tipRate = LOWRATE; tipRate <= MAXRATE;
tipRate += TIPSTEP)
Console.Write("{0, 8}" , tipRate.ToString("F"));
Console.WriteLine("----------------------------------------");tipRate = LOWRATE;while (dinnerPrice <= MAXDINNER)
Console.Write("{0, 8}", dinnerPrice.ToString("C"));
while (tipRate <= MAXRATE)
tip = dinnerPrice * tipRate;
Console.Write("{0, 8}",tip.ToString("F"));
tipRate += 0.05;
dinnerPrice += DINNERSTEP;
tipRate = LOWRATE;
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Programming
Expert:  Satchi replied 1 year ago.

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Can you please let me know little bit more about the GUI requirement ?

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