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Chris Baxter
Chris Baxter, Programming Tutor
Category: Programming
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Experience:  Completed BSIT concentration Software Engineering, tutored other students and classmates in Java and, C++, and Obj C.
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If I send you the link of a web page, would you be able by

Customer Question

Hi there,
If I send you the link of a web page, would you be able by using the developer tab, to inspect and advise the date when a particular part of that website has been added. I can see when the website has been last modified, but that doesn't give me the details. I need to know when the passage related to Terms and Conditions had been added.
Thank you.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Programming
Customer: replied 1 year ago. the web page.I am interested in the exact time/date when the Terms and Conditions script has been added to the web page.Terms and Conditions in question are in quotes below:"Yes, I accept the terms and conditions. I will receive the product at the promotional price of $19,95/$39,95/$59,90. Unless I unsubscribe, I will receive a recurring monthly shipment at the price of $19,95/$39,95/$59,90. Additional delivery fee of $9,95 and an invoice fee of $5,00 will occur if I choose to pay later by invoice."
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi,Is it possible to send me proof of the date when the Terms and Conditions were either added or modified. If not, it's alright to advise when the T&Cs were first added. Thank you.
Expert:  Chris Baxter replied 1 year ago.

It is not possible to know aside from the last date of modification when exactly an HTML or CSS coded element is added, unless there is a note left somewhere in the code comments, (and there wasn't, I checked) You can get a third party plug-in to monitor and track changes, for example if you are using wordpress there is one called "WP-Track Changes" that you would use. If you have not installed any such monitoring tools, there is no way to know precisely when your code was changed short of the modification date on the file.