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2 There are two type of output. Statements to the screen

Customer Question

2 There are two type of output. Statements to the screen giving the user immediate feedback as to what processing has taken place. At the end of the program, the account number, first name, last name, and balance need to be written to a new file called
“ AccountRecord.txt ”. This output should be the same as the first four lines of the input file. Sample output file BJS15923 ***** ***** 500 .0 ( Note: this is not the correct balance for the given input file. Part of a programmer’s job is to verify the
program produces the correct results.) Note: The balance should not have any formatting. BankAccount class requirement changes  processWithdrawal and validateWithdrawalAmount o Old requirements:  When a withdrawal is requested that results in an overdraft
of the account, the transaction is denied.  Balance does not change  Message to user: You do not have sufficient funds to withdraw $2000.00 Request denied! o New requirements:  A withdrawal is always allowed.  Balance may become a negative number.  If
the withdrawal causes an overdraft, an extra $30 is deducted from the balance for the overdraft fee.  Message to user should now be: You do not have sufficient funds to withdraw $2000.00 $30 overdraft charge has been applied  Modifications will need to be
made to the processWithdraw a l and possibly the validateWithdrawalAmount method. The rest of the existing methods do not require any changes.  Modify the existing constructor to accept all four instance variables and remove the setter methods.  Add the
constant for the overdraft charge.  Add a toString method. o Format the toString method to the requirements for how to write to the output file. 3 BankAccount class diagram reflecting new requirements BankAccount - OVERDRAFT_CHARGE:double - accountNumber:String
- firstName:String - lastName:String - balance:double + BankAccount( String accountNumber, String firstName, String lastName, double balance) + processWithdrawal( double withdrawal):void - validateWithdrawalAmount( double withdrawal):boolean + processDeposit(
double deposit):void + getAccountNumber():String + getFirstName():String + getLastName():String + getBalance():double + toString():String BankDriver Implement the BankDriver class yo u designed in pre - lab. Manually calculate the final balance using the data
in the input file. Confirm the output written in the output file matches the result from your manual calculation. To Be Submitted The following files should be zipped together into a file called Lab 1 2 .zip and submitted to ReggieNet by the beginning of your
next lab.   Lab 12 Pre-Lab The following exercises must be completed before you come to lab. Your instructor will check your pre-lab exercises at the beginning of the lab period. Completion of the pre-lab is worth 10 points
of the total 50 points for the lab. Write the pseudocode for the BankDriver class as described in Lab 12. BankDriver tasks  Create constants for the input and output file names  Open input file using try/catch for errors  Read account info and balance 
Create a BankAccount object using the custom constructor  Read to end of file  Read code and amount  Process withdrawal or deposit depending on code  Closes input file  Opens output file using try/catch for errors  Writes to the output file using the
toString met
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i want a code for this assignemt
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to night
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Can you please go to and upload your question in a word doc file so it is more readable ? Once you do that you will get a page that has the "File ID" and "Download Link". Copy the "Download Link" or "File ID" and please paste it in your reply here.

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I m confused little bit that why i paid $62?
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I m made payment of $ 62 i do not that is which one you going to work for?
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i am working on this one

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Because i paid 42 but i could not access in website and i paid 62 after access
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are you on line or not?
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