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AAATom, Computer Software Engineer
Category: Programming
Satisfied Customers: 468
Experience:  20+ years of experience in embedded programming (assembly, C), Windows programming (VB, user interface design).
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AAATom, our last macro report that we did reporting isn't

Customer Question

AAATom, our last macro report that we did for quarterly reporting isn't working. I have an error "could not identify "custodian download" workbook! Please make sure it is one of the open workbooks.
But it's open....
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Programming
Expert:  AAATom replied 1 year ago.

Hello Amanda,

I am sorry to hear you have problems with the macro.

The error message could be triggered by following:
1. The "custodian download" workbook is open in a different instance of Excel application.

To fix that make sure you do not hold Shift key while double-clicking the files or simply open all files from same Excel window using File -> Open.

2. There was a change in the cells the macro uses to identify the workbook.

The "identification" cells and expected content are (without quotes):

B1 = "Fees Taken Report"

C6 = "Account Number"

H6 = "Average Fee"
Please verify the above. If you are in doubt, please send me the file (trough and post the FileID here; set the file "lifetime" to 1 day by clicking on Properties).


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