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I need help solving this java exercise with all relevant

Customer Question

I need help solving this java exercise with all relevant methods and tools used.
Question 1: Write a swing-based Java application that allows a user submit two integers, n & r and for each submission, have a new row of results appended and displayed in a table (JTable) on the same view as shown below:
S/N n r nPr nCr n! f(n,r)
nPr = n permutation r
nCr = n combination r
n! = n factorial
f(n,r) = {0, if n is in (0,13] and r is in [0,6)
1, if n^2 is in [30,64)
-1, otherwise
1. Use Java 1.7 or above
2. Anticipate and take care of erroneous inputs
3. Each row entry in the table above should be persisted to disk. You are free to use whatever persistence mechanism you wish to (filesystem, database, etc). However, filesystem is recommended
4. Make use of a Java interface in your design of persistence operations
5. Attach a design document describing all relevant design and implementation considerations for coming up with the solution6. 6.Submit entire project source code and configuration in zip format to***@******.***
Question 2:
i) Write a program to print the individual words and the total count of these words in a given text document without using an array or any class from the java.util package.
ii) Write a method that takes an array of non-negative integers x where x>=0 and x<101 with a duplicate value and returns that duplicate value i.e. when passed [1,2,3,9,3,3,4,1] it returns 3. It returns -1 when no duplicate is found. without using any class from java.util
iii) Write a program that accepts an array of non negative integers and returns the second highest number in that array without using any class from java.util
iv) Write a program that takes a String and returns a sorted (ascending order) array of numbers in that String and an empty array if the string contains no numbers, without using any class from java.util
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Programming
Expert:  LogicPro replied 1 year ago.


What is the deadline?

Expert:  LogicPro replied 1 year ago.

What is the deadline?

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