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Administrator Credit Management. Sadly, in August of 2012,

Customer Question

I am Acting Office Administrator for Emmanuel Credit Management. Sadly, in August of 2012, the Social Security Administration elected to strip us of our ability to serve Payee clients. 99 satisfied clients were suddenly and without warning stripped away from us, stripping us of 65% of our revenue and 65% of our caseload in one month. To counteract this, KVAL-TV in Eugene did a news report on this action, designed to alert the community about the injustice of this decision.
Apparently, that is not how the news report was seen. When I (or anyone) types in our business name in your Google box, the first notation on the left is information about what we offer. Down in the copy is the mention of the SocSec action along with our response. But on the right side, the first thing you see is that we were stripped of this program due to what was listed as mismanagement. If I were to read the article, I wouldn't trust us to handle anyone's money because we might mismanage it, perhaps even find a way to do so illegally.
This article and the few right below it clearly misrepresent what happened. We have never lost a single penny of those Trust Funds. Every report that SocSec required was submitted accurately and in a timely manner. In fact, we eventually learned that their real beef with us was that we were still using a DOS-based program. We have a stellar reputation with the State, with whom we are licensed as a Debt Management Service Provider, and a positive reputation among those who we have served.
This information needs to be corrected. I would appreciate a call(###) ###-#### ***** an e-mail reply as to what we can do to get this misinformation removed. Our e-mail address is "*****@******.***".
Thank you for responding to this issue.
David R Finch
Acting Office Administrator
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Programming
Expert:  Russell H. replied 1 year ago.

The case is a difficult one for you to deal with, I realize. A lot depends upon your presentation on Google.

I suspect that you may have some trouble with correcting the listing(s). This is what a Google Business listing can have changed about it:

and plainly what you would want to change about your listing and the way it looks on Google, is not among the things that can be so listed.

If some pages, that present an unfavorable opinion or viewpoint, come up first and at the top of the search results listing of pages found, that is oddly determined.

Specifically, top results in a Google search generally reflect both appositeness to the search keywords, but also the popularity of a click-through on the particular listing. In other words, if it is a page apposite to the keywords, and it is the one page that *everyone* clicks to view from the Google listing, it will rise to the top of the listings.

It is remotely possible that legal action of some sort might be necessary, to change the presentation of your company's name, in the listings.

I honestly do not know what can be done to change the listing in question. With apologies, having offered this much as my honest assessment, I have Opted Out, opening the case to other Experts in case another Expert might have more to offer in response to your question.

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