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Suryanto, Programmer
Category: Programming
Satisfied Customers: 596
Experience:  Programmer, 9 years experience in VBA(Excel, Word, Outlook and Access) programming
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39;' I still have issues with the program. It is a bit

Customer Question

39;For Suryanto only' I still have issues with the program. It is a bit tidier but there is an issue. I will need to re-send the program, let me know how to send it again. Password ***** all occasions is sophie Let me clarify there are two worksheets LogSheet2015-08-26-1158.xlsm
(I will call it Log Sheet) located in c:\smartlogs\days logs and LogSheetBaseMacro.xlsm I will call it (Macro Sheet) located in c:\smartlogs\Program Files If I click on the log sheet on the "Settings icon" it runs code that runs the Macro Sheet procedure "EditPreferences"
and allows me to change settings. if I for example go to the tab "Club Information" and change on the top right "Is QuickBooks on a separate computer to SmartLogs" Yes to No then Save the form there is a procedure at the end of the "save" button in the form
FrmPreferenceMulti If DataLocationDefault <> PreviousEmailAbility Then FillEmailRequiredIcons the procedure FillEmailRequiredIcons now runs the macro on the Log Sheet called FillEmailRequiredIcons2 the issue is as follows if I run the procedure in the Macro
sheet "EditPreferences" everything runs fine you will see the icons on the top change with an X coming and going. if however I run the procedure from the Log Sheet the full set of procedures are not completed I will be at home all day other than getting a
bite to eat if you need to contact me
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Programming
Expert:  Suryanto replied 2 years ago.

Hi james,

Thanks for requesting me again

Please put password ***** your excel file and upload to

After upload, please copy and paste the download link here and tell me the password


Customer: replied 2 years ago.[URL=]SmartLogs.zipx[/URL]
Expert:  Suryanto replied 2 years ago.

I downloaded the file. But it seems corrupt.

I will download and check again.thanks

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I a have just made another and am sending it
I have put an y on the end of zip I assume you picked that up
the file may have been too large
if you use the new file I have sent use the log sheet LogSheet2015-08-26-1452.xlsm it is a bit more up to date
just going out on the bike will be about an hour
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
just got back from a bike ride, it gives me time to think.may be we should go back to the very main issue.
I am trying to change the picture on the icon bar along the top of the log sheet.
I was not able to change them from the Macro sheet so I ran macros in the log sheet from the macro sheet.
doing this has caused us issues.the easiest way to do things is forget all this running macros across sheets and instead
change the image in the log sheet from the macro sheet. You may be able to do this. It would be highly preferable
if you could write a little procedure in the macro sheet something like below that will change the icon in the log sheet.this is where I originally failed
sub ChangeAnImage ()
FolderLocation = "C:\SmartLogs\Program\Images\"
DefaultLanguage = "American"
FileLocation = FolderLocation & DefaultLanguage & "\IconSettiings.jpg"
ActiveSheet.ImgSettings.Picture = LoadPicture(FileLocation)
end sub
Expert:  Suryanto replied 2 years ago.

Hi James,

Sorry for late reply.

I have downloaded the file. Need time to check the file and understand the process

When will you need it ready?


Customer: replied 2 years ago.
not a panic I have a lot to do checking out for bugs
Expert:  Suryanto replied 2 years ago.

hi james,

In which file you want to put the macro to change the icon?


Customer: replied 2 years ago.
just wondering if you have managed to process any further
Expert:  Suryanto replied 2 years ago.

hi james,

please see my previous question, in which file you want to put the macro to change the icon?


Customer: replied 2 years ago.
i got your message today that you have just answered my programming question.
problem is I could not open that web site.
anyway last night I think I found the answer to the problem, not 100% sure but I am working on the program today so will be sure by the end of the day