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I need to know the details of how Wordpress enables and supports

Customer Question

I need to know the details of how Wordpress enables and supports the efforts of 508 compliance set forth in the amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. This pertains directly to accessibility(use of "Alt Text" tag for graphics). Please let me know what/how you ensure compliance to provide (1) those setting up a website in Wordpress (2) Those who will be utilizing the material.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Programming
Expert:  Russell H. replied 1 year ago.
Hi, thank you for contacting My name is***** will do my best to provide the right answer to your question. 'How you ensure compliance' depends upon who 'you' are. A manager of programmers? a person in management who has ordered a website be made, and wants to give the right orders? a quality-control tech who needs to know what to look for and what to criticize in the final product? or from some other point of view or intention ? I am assuming quality control and perhaps the giving of orders, is the intent and point of view (correct me if I'm wrong.) To make sure that ALT text is present for all images displayed on a WordPress web site's pages, you must ensure and give orders that all image files, as they are uploaded to the WordPress site, must have their descriptive ALT tag text entered.Also, in the WordPress 'Media Library' section, where images uploaded to the site are displayed, you can access properties that WordPress associates with each image. Those properties include one named 'Alt Text', which is a text-box that allows you to enter the ALT Text you wish to have displayed with the particular image. So if images have already been uploaded, the Media Library display of images is the place where you may insert ALT Text tags to ensure compliance is complete and correct. For the handicapped (or esp. the blind or visually impaired), the ALT text allows a 'screen reader' program on the computer, to 'read off' the ALT tag descriptions.The ALT tag for an image file, or for an image displayed in a web page, should describe what is in that image. If the website concerns Generic Construction Company Of Atlanta LLC, and one picture shows a crane at a construction site, and another shows a guy in a hard hat holding a clipboard, then ALT text appropriate for those two images would be, respectively: construction crane at a work site and man in hard hat with clipboard (or: inspector or manager in hard hat with clipboard) not Generic Construction Company Of Atlanta LLC is proud to be engaged in several major building projects in the American South nor Mr. Gerald Atkins is managing personnel employed by Generic Construction Company Of Atlanta LLC You see, the ALT tag must allow someone who only hears the text read off by the 'screen reader' program, to 'see' what the picture shows. So the ALT text should be helpful to the blind, in short. (ALT text also assists Search Engines, such as Google, which need that information to index the page's image content, or to index that image itself on that page, appropriately. Google cannot see the image, you know, it can only see the ALT text that describes - or doesn't describe - it.) If you need further explanation, please let me know, in Reply, and I will advise you further. If this completes the question and case, as far as you are concerned, please rate my Answer - or, let me know in Reply, what rating you would like to have registered for my Answer and my work. Thanks.